Rescue Journal

quick bits and bobs.

Carol  ·  Jul. 28, 2010

i finally got the barn guys to bed but it took a bit longer than usual..pete and gilbert were bastards and pissed me right off.
ellie wanted to go into tunie's stall and she spent a great deal of time in there sniffing around. eventually she was done doing whatever she was doing...(which i am sure had quite a bit to do with missing tunie)...and headed back to her own stall for dinner.

kira got kicked out of the vets yesterday for screaming her lungs out after her surgery. but harold was still quite dopey so he spent the night and i picked him up on my lunch break today.

i had to stop on the way to bringing him home to get tula who was at the vets in mission. while i was in there, harold pissed in my van. which might have been fine if it wasn't 90 degrees and my windows were stuck up and the air conditioning is currently nonfunctioning....god that freaking well stunk!

that van is not going to last me...the front brakes are gone and the transmission is on it's way out too. pretty soon this will totally suck too.

anyway..harold does have a displaced pelvic fracture so he is on continued house rest for a few more weeks. for tula it looks like it is her liver that is crapping out on her now. we are waiting for her blood work results before i decide whether to get aggressive with any possible treatments or have her put down. i think it is probably a cancer because unlike with fatty liver disease where they stop eating completely...she eats voraciously if it is something she likes so i am thinking that is more like a cancer.

there are a freaking ton of animals i have to say no to sitting in my email and someone just stopped by tonight to beg the case of a mini donkey with a chronic cold. they took him in a couple of months ago, to stop him from being put down.... but.... they can't keep him.

sigh......i am never going to clear my plate, am i?



no your plate is full and will always be full. too many people who want to give you their problems. lets call carol the animal person and dump our animals on her. that is what she is there for who cares if she has too many animals already what is one more. people suck.


Does anyone know where there are extra brochures ??? or if there are extra brochures....


I will not be there this weekend and may not be there next weekend either. off to kelowna and then down the oregon coast tomorrow with my "hubby" (not we are not actually married). I just call him that.


you guys do...i don't...i hope there are volunteers available that day????