Rescue Journal

and now i am going to talk about more literal housekeeping...

Carol  ·  Jul. 30, 2010

rotten apples. the thing about apples is that when they start to rot..they get all moldy, soft and slimey. and they infect the other apples that they happen to touch and soon those apples aren't very nice or healthy or pleasant either. leave the rotten apple festering in there for too long and before you know it the entire box has to be thrown away. what a waste.

so in order to prevent the throwing away of an entire box of apples due to spreading apple rot, i have a plan. the apples (and other fruit) are being kept in the fridge in the mp room. we will keep most of them in there and only take out to the feeding shed enough for a day or two at a time.

that way we are not having to throw away a bunch of apples that if they were kept nice and cool and clean and free from apple rot, the animals might actually get to enjoy.

it is a good plan...unless i forget to move the apples for the next couple of days out of the fridge to the feed shed (which i did forget tonight...ooops....sorry mo.)