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Carol  ·  Jul. 30, 2010

and all i can say is wow...when i get taken to the cleaners man..the cleaners wipe me right out.

anyway..the interesting thing about cleaners is apparently they do not do any kind of actual cleaning..they just piss on and rip giant holes in and wreck the shit they got to use for free. i am sooo glad i replaced the damaged and lost $90 router...cuz apparently, it was the right thing to do.

anyway..tonight i will actually do the cleaning and purging, tomorrow i will call steve to see when he can rip out the carpets, re-glue the baseboards and haul the pissed on furniture to the dump. and then slowly as i have a bit of extra money, i will return the hideaway suite to the funky clean, new and cosy, glory of a mere one summer ago.

in any case...(sorry wendy) don't anyone plan on visiting or sleeping over for at least a few months or more.

and life goes on... the back lash and clean up of my poor choices will fill up my endless free time (and drain my bank account) for quite awhile. i have heard that no good deed goes unpunished, and i guess it is true.
third time pays for all and i hope i finally learned my lesson cuz i can't afford many more.

kathy k took bibi and caspar to the groomers...they both look freaking awesome (and clean!)
thank you kathy and samantha..both they and i think they look great!

you guys are really good people...thx so much for making them feel really good too!
tula is hanging in there ok so i think we are good until tomorrow morning, she is such a awesome little cat...i am so going to miss her.
that is it for the news and now i am late putting the barn guys to bed and they will be pissed at me.



Hey Carol,

I feel like I've missed a blog post; am I the only one in the dark? To what is this post referring?