Rescue Journal

tula passed away very peacefully today.

Carol  ·  Jul. 31, 2010

she was an incredible cat. i let her out of the carrier in the waiting area which i never do...but there were no other animals in at the time and tula said she wanted to come out. she was so good. she purred and she walked back and forth rubbing on me and the bench arms. she didn't try to get down, she was just happy to be out of the carrier and hanging around. so typically tula, she liked having things her way.
the actual euthanization went really well and tula took her last breaths in peace.

Tula's Story

i love her story as much as i loved the cat. tula was not a boring girl.

first of all, her name used to be "rat" which i got rid of as soon as i said yes. now people have to understand that tula's ex-family actually truly loved her a lot. but tula got herself into a sticky situation and the family almost did what the animal control officer told them they had to do..good thing they really did not.

tula apparently lived in a town house complex where cats were only allowed if strictly indoors. tula had a way of stretching the rules and pushing the envelope. since she wasn't allowed to roam around on the grass..tula decided that she could roam around on the roof. she may not have technically been in the house, but since she was actually on the house, she thought that was close enough.

some of the neighbors took great offence to tula flipping her tail at the strata rules so they called animal control to make her get off the roof. the ACO climbed up to get her and tula thought that a stranger should not grab her so she bit and scratched him up quite a lot.

the ACO who had no sense of humour (and even less understanding of handling a strange cat)...deemed her to be a vicious and dangerous cat and instructed the family to take her in for euthanization immediately or animal control would seize her and do it themselves.

the family sobbing and weeping took her into one of our vet clinics..the staff called and asked if tula could come here instead of being put down. when they told me the story, i did think it was funny because i do have a warped sense of humour (unlike that grumpy ACO) and that is how 2 years ago...rat became tula who liked to steal human food while hiding behind my computer. my good friend still liked to push the envelope by not following typical human/cat dining rules.

rest in peace sweetie...i am sure instead of wings, god will let you have toast...but knowing you, you'll probably just steal both on your own.



Your stories of Tula's food-stealing adventures always made me smile. So sorry for your loss. RIP, little Tula.