Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 2, 2010

i never get mad when the dogs have diarrhea all over the place..oh well, sorry you are not feeling well, i clean it up and move on....if it goes on for more than a day or two..i will put them on flagyl, but otherwise i just accept that occasionally everyone feels yucky sometimes.

bibi's guts were in turmoil last night, it was a bit of an eye opener first thing in the morning but whatever.... shit happens, it's not a big deal.

i should try harder to spread that accepting philosophy a bit further in my life. i probably would be less stressed and a great deal nicer.

it did not rain yesterday..i am so disappointed. the weather report and the air/sky itself was just a bit of a tease. luckily we had water delivered last evening...yay to allied water hauling service because i forgot to call them til we had less than 6 inches of water left in the tank.

i have decided that my brain is so fried because i make it haul too much stuff around inside....just like the van. i seem to have a real problem with the concept of overload....i should probably work on that soon.

i had a great sleep last night...8 hours undisturbed..but i will admit it was drug induced. i took robaxacen (a muscle relaxant) because my back was bothering me again. i take that stuff quite rarely because usually one dose at bedtime and my back shuts up again....and because i don't like the hangover effect.

i have to say, i do not get why so many folks in our modern day society have substance abuse issues...why would anyone purposely want their brain to feel foggy, stupid and dull?
my brain feels like that quite often naturally and i think that it sucks.

i goofed around with drugs when i was a kid but i stopped as soon as i realized that my brain was my most valuable asset and the drugs were messing it up.

i need to have that thought again about stress..because stress can permanently mess up my brain as badly as illegal substances can.
the problem of course comes down to my choices in lifestyle...i eat poorly, i still smoke, my paid job is stressful because of the responsibility for others i carry and of course rescue is really stressful because it is just freaking nutz.

wow..bibi shitting all over the kitchen, caused big ripples in my thinking pond..i better get my ass to work now, enough pondering done.