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is anyone missing jenn's pictures and captions?

Carol  ·  Aug. 2, 2010

well i am, and i am missing jenn too. i phoned her this morning to wish her a happy birthday (a day late but i thought today was the first!) she and jiv were just leaving portland to do the oregon coast.
i did see lindsey and cam today and showed them my new car..but i haven't seen eric and ang and annabelle for more than a week and i better do something about that pretty soon or that baby is not going to know i am her granny..she will just think i am someone she sees occasionally.

anyway..all the really busy/crazy stuff is pretty much done now i think so i should have more quality (aka less rushed) time for my family.

the stat day warriors planned a picnic here today when all of the work was done so for once i actually got lunch! it was nice just to sit and chat for a change instead of talking about saints all the time and what we have to do, or fix next.

wendy cleaned out tunie's stall today (its emptiness made me nostalgic and sad,) but we are going to move the feeding station back in there again next weekend and keep the feed shed for the freezers and extra feed storage.

czar was pretty funny at bedtime....once he was done his dinner, he played with me for a bit. that horse actually has a sense of humour and it was something i hadn't seen in him before. i was telling them how good they all look..gideon is putting on weight, lahanie is becoming breathtaking...all round and soft and shiny...and czar is becoming a bit of a goof which is always fun around here.
both ellie and herman are looking really good, but herman still says no to a brush. that is too bad because his flaky skin on his back would go away nicely, just like tunie's and ellie's did with a good brushing.

jesse was being a dick head today and he got into big trouble with mo. phoebe was picnic table top surfing and she got into trouble with everyone.

i told amos today about his new home cuz he will probably be going sometime this week. i know he is going to absolutely love it there and i am so happy that he has been so very incredibly lucky.

i am thinking of trying the medical honey again to re-jump start chewie's wound looks so good but it seems to be stuck and not finishing off the very last part of the healing. come on chewie just an inch to go and then you can go to your new great home too!

tammy has been trying to bond either bob or ray with one of the other groups of ain't going too well....bunnies are such a problem when trying to find the right friend for them.

laura and lana did a kick ass first cleaning up on the suite and have a line for maybe a hideabed, wendy has donated some laminate to repair the torn out carpet area, mo has some stuff to replace what was tossed and between everyones chipping in together to fix it up, it might be ready by the end of the summer.

i am kind of in a hurry for this because wendy is moving to the sunshine coast but if we can get that suite nice again, then wendy can come and visit and stay and volunteer occasionally on the weekends. all of us would like that alot!

angelina placed the new ad for me (thank you angelina so much!) so i am assuming the resumes will again start pouring in and we should be fully staffed again by the end of the month.
ok..thats the news....diabetics and then i am watching a movie with the bed buddies.


Willie Croissant

I live in Portland, hope Jenn and hubby enjoyed their visit! The weather is beautiful here in the city but the forecast is for cloudy and misty all week at the coast :-<


I miss the photos, too. And the comments are so funny. They always give me a chuckle.

Ann C

Ditto everyone's comments, I love the photos and especially the funny comments, Jenn has a great sense of humour. Have a super holiday, the Oregon coast is beautiful, but hurry back, as Lynne said I NEED those photos!!


I am totally missing the pics and captions didn't jenn get the no holidays memo ?


I do miss Jenn's contributions but happy she is out there having a good time. Hope she takes lots of pics as I would someday love to do the Oregon Coast too!

Good for you, yes, make your family more of a priority. Something I continually tell myself and it sort of works. My parents are not getting any younger. Not sure how I could resist a little grandbaby though thinking they would be reminding me to go home, heh.

Were is the job posting being advertised? Would be interested in seeing it. Thanks.


i was talking to ann today and said i really missed jenns pics and captions. it is not the same without them. come home soon jenn we really need a pic of bibis new haircut. he looks so innocent and sweet with it. ann agreed with me she had said that she can put the animals with the pics when jenn captions and blogs had a good day today picnic was fun. have a good week see everyone on sat. happy birthday jenn. that is one cute hubby that you have.