Rescue Journal

brutus passed very peacefully at the vets this morning.

Carol  ·  Aug. 3, 2010

i was worried about this...he had been on the street for a very long time and his trust in humans was tenuous. but i fed him some treats while he got his pre-sedation and he did not even blink an eye until he fell asleep.
ending the life of brutus, and those like him, always upsets me.

it makes me so sad that when they come to saints, they immediately feel so happy and grateful. what kind of shitty life did they have that this overfull sanctuary, seems such an incredible gift to them? i always end up feeling like i robbed them too early of the odd sort of happiness that they just found, most likely for the first time in their life.
rest in peace brutus, you were a very great cat and we all are so happy you found us.

amos went off to his home today..i will not wax poetic about his leaving. i was sad to see him go until the little bugger nailed me hard, right on the side of my knee. i know he was saying he wasn't too happy about being carted off yet again...but if he could have just had a tiny bit of faith for a few minutes, he would have seen that not only is this move to his forever home...but it is a helluvalot better than here.
be good amos, be happy...your life has finally completely turned around, you are a very lucky little donkey.

now i better go and ice my knee so i can still actually walk tomorrow, i have to go to work.

and i only got 4 things on my to-do list done.


Amy Dalgliesh

Et tu Brutus? I'm so sorry to hear of another loss. Brutus sounded like such a survivor, but even those with 9 lives have to reach the end someday. I'm happy the end for Brutus included comfort, a full tummy and love, and that he was surrounded by people who will miss him.


yes he is...he probably is going to end up being one of my own dogs..too much conflict surrounding him for adoption, wouldn't be fair to his new family...but he truly does love me so that is ok. one day i suppose i will make it official.


I'm sorry to hear of yet another SAINT passing away. I do understand the part of wondering what kind of life they lead to find happiness in a shelter. I used to volunteer at the SPCA before moving away. Most dogs there were not pleased about being confined to their little kennel but then there was the flip side. I felt most sorry for the occasional dog that was totally thrilled to be there. What kind of life did they have before to think they had found total heaven in the SPCA kennel? How sad!
Keep up the good work!

P.S. Is Jerry still there with you?


I'm glad Amos found a forever home, sorry his leaving was so Painful for you Carol....ouch!
Brutus Rest in Peace. Thank you Saints for giving him a safe place for the last part of his journey.