Rescue Journal

my three tasks today are...

Carol  ·  Aug. 3, 2010

clean out the van, clean out the 2 fridges, and find nicole the three emails she needs me to forward to her.

oh...and take the new car in for its inner and outter protective coating, call the vet about brutus and see if he can have an appointment today, put away my god damn clean laundry and do a couple of loads more, start dealing with the too many chicken coop rats again, brush james bond...and some toilet paper!!!!! the meds...cuz this is my only day off this week to get this stuff done.

i guess that was more than three things wasn't it? oh well.

i probably should not have slept in til 7 am.

i watched the movie "the road" last night with the bed buddies. this is not a good movie to watch when you already suffer from an over developed sense of responsibility.

it struck me that the young boy kept checking in with his dad..."we are still the good guys, aren't we?"

i find that particular question quite hauntingly familiar to me..."i am still the good guy here...aren't i?

that is the trouble with working on insight...outward blame to everyone and everything else just doesn't work as well as it did.

sigh..that movie was far too upsetting, i won't watch it again.



Carol, I brushed Bond(not that you can tell) and Bitsy and theres toliet paper in the MP room. When you order meds we need Meloxicam, Elavil, and Atopica for sure.

Colleen B

My goodness! I went away to a family reunion and it seems I've missed a lot. Carol, when you have your good long talk with Larry, remember that he's always welcome to come back home with us. I hope maybe he's reconsidered.


also just a reminder that the MR SPCA kids camp is coming out tomorrow about 11am. I will be there around 930-10am to help clean.