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the princess and the prick

Jenn  ·  Aug. 10, 2010

First I fell for the princess now I have fallen for the prick!!!

haha. I have always been a big dog person. Big soft goofy dogs. Like tyra and tally-ho. Who slobber, drool and knock you over with excitement. But for some reason I fallen now for two little dogs, who seem like two bossy annoying little insects always buzzing around my feet and not REAL dogs at all. Who bred these little things anyways?

The princess I love as you all know is Miss Daphne.

Hello. Can you throw a ball for me please and I will show you how well I can get it!

But the Prick I have fallen for recently is Griffin --GASP! I know. He viciously attacked my rubber boot his first hour at SAINTS and he makes the grossest diarrhea circles ever! But he is sooo cute how could you not love him with his big eyes and the way he tilts his head when you talk to him. He is pretty amazing. He is almost completely blind but he can play fetch by the sound of the ball and he can burrow his entire body in even the smallest of blankets. He is long legged and awkward looking -- more like spider than dog. He is the best cookie hunter in the world. Cookie hunting involves me hiding cookies around the front yard for him to locate which he joyful does. No cookie gets left behind. His most favorite things in life are marking his territory around the SAINTS property especially on plants, trees and bushes and getting his canned food treat with his insulin (he is diabetic). I call him a prick because he animatedly asks to be picked up. Hopping from one foot to another. But then when you do as he asks he growl at you! he is too funny.

So here are some pics of the Prick I love.

Here is my beauty shot. Please forward them to your agents. I have many talents

But I will NOT do Taco Bell commercials. I am a miniture pincher ... much tougher. Do not mess with me!

I don't need eyes to play fetch. My other senses that are very keen ...

sorry I just had to relieve myself on that large cedar tree there ... ok where was I? Oh yeah ...

I can do stunts like this ...

and I can be a very fierce warrior ...

Already then, now back to my cookie hunting ... hmmmm

screw you Griffin I can fetch balls a thousand times better than you and everyone KNOWS I AM THE BOSS of the SAINTS (not Carol)em>



Good God Jenn you crack me up.. sideways & backwards... Good job !!



Thank-you Carol and all the staff and volunteers at SAINTS for your amazing dedication and work. I miss that crazy little Griffin every day and always enjoy hearing about how well he is doing with you. I still have a nice coat that fit him well that I need to bring out before winter and I think I also have a foal size lined rain blanket that might fit Ziggy that I could donate.