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bibi is making me sad again...

Carol  ·  Aug. 11, 2010

not because he is sad, cuz he is not. bibi quite awhile ago made his peace and found his smile he looks forward to barn time, any kind of food time and to me coming home at the end of the day. he is one of those dogs that just glows...when he is looking at me and wagging his tail..i know he is saying.."i really like you."

well i like you a lot too bibi.

anyway...his back end is getting really bad. he had some problems when he first came in...we started melixacam as an anti worked well. then he started to slide a bit more so we added elavil and tramadol. he did good again for awhile.

now that hind end of his is giving out several times a day. he always looks so surprised when he suddenly finds his butt dragging on the floor behind him when he thought all of him was totally moving forward.

bibi has degenerative mylopathy of the spine. it doesn't really hurt...he just can't feel back there very well....but if he twists and strains his supporting muscles, it could hurt. so we have to be careful to help him up on his feet again so he doesn't struggle and twist and strain too much on trying to get going on his own again.

he does better outside on the grass and cement...more grip factor. the slippery lino inside is really hard for the spinal and hip dogs. if they weren't incontinent from spinal neuropathies and just plain old age, i could lay carpet, but not here, not with dogs with incontinence problems....can you imagine the smell?

i wonder if he would be upset if i stuck grippy sock/boots on him? maybe i will try that and see how he feels.
dogs are so funny...stick anything on their feet and they think their lives are completely over.
for gawds sake, they are just sock things not some kind of monsterous forever foot suckers.

one day i hope i get to meet a dog who actually understands these things naturally...what an amazing wise dog that would be....sorry, no offence intended, but most of the dogs who come here are good of heart but a brick short of a load on wisdom.

love ya bibi...quit falling over.

Maybe I am trying to hide this hideous tail of mine ... eeek!~what was the groomer thinking. I am no lion. I am like the lion from the wizard of Oz ... I need alittle more courage.



I used to say he such a whimp so I turn him into a lion to make him look more tough!! hehe. "Yes he's exactly like the lion of wizard of OZ!!"...funny how you think the same...hehe


hahhaha.....I used to groom him like that except I left his head too with the tip of the tail...he looked even more like a lion.


Poor Bibi. I was just wondering though about the grippy sock things. Dogs sweat through their feet so won't that be a bad thing in the hot weather to add the socks? Hmmmmm

Jane Stanley

Sad too, Carol, for Bibi and for you.
But glad that Bibi has the loving care.


i think it will be fine bateau, i am sure the kids would really like to see him again...bibi is pretty settled here now, i don't think it will upset him too much.


Oh no!!!!!....Poor Bi-Bi I will try to find sometime to gather his things and bring my kids to come down to visit him..I hope that will be ok.


i'm pretty sure emme had it too. reminded me so much of Ozzie. I got her some great socks and have some little boots you can try on bibi. I'll bring them out tomorrow. she didn't like me actually putting them on her but once they were on she was fine.