Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 12, 2010

we had no internet happens pretty frequently (like twice a freaking week)...the plugs at the back get pulled on, sometimes peed on too. so i tried shoving everything in tight this morning..that didn't work so at lunchtime i got a bucket of hot soapy water and a rag and washed everything down. that didn't work either so as a last resort, i called the HELP!!! line.

by the time they called back, i was already in my car on the way back to work. the nice fellow asked for my address, phone number and drivers licence number for confirmation..i couldn't do the drivers licence cuz i was driving (yes i was breaking the law talking on the cell phone while i was driving.. (but i was on speaker phone which is not really totally hands free, but almost)...sorry)
anyway..he said he would help me anyway given the circumstances.

he said the account was suspended because it was in arrears..oh. when was the last time i paid you guys?...2 months ago...really? it seems like not that long ago...time flies. hmm...well can you please turn it back on just for today and i can pay it on line?...sure no problem (nice man) much do i actually owe? oh, well i can't tell you without your drivers licence confirmation. oh.
he said, how about you pay as much as you did last time? hmm..i can't remember...if i pay $300 is that enough? that would be fine ma'am. ok then.
oh that why my phone hasn't worked in 2 months? ma'am the phone and cable are still on...we just wanted to get your attention. oh..ok..well, while i have you on the house phone isn't dial tone.

ok...when you get home unplug your phone and plug it in to XXXXXX on the looks like a big XXXXXX...plug the phone in there and see if it works....if is does it means XXXXXX, if it doesn't then it means XXXXXXX (x's mean i am not getting this very well.)
ok...well thank you so much for all of your help (i am thinking tho...screw the phone and all the xxxx whatever can just stay not working for now)..i promise i will pay that bill as soon as i get home tonight (and i the other unopened one with the hydro disconnection notice i found on the desk too)...what sucked is i only owed $150.36 but i paid the $300 cuz i said i would.

and tonight i have internet AND a credit balance on my next bill.

i suck at so many things on so many different levels.