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oh sorry...

Carol  ·  Aug. 12, 2010

i think that last post gave the wrong impression (saints bedtime is one of my good things)....but no carol halo budding here...i am sometimes not very good at all, but i am honest about it.

before i finish off with this last crazy episode (not to worry, i am sure there will be more) i just want to clarify a couple of things for folks who might not know.

as to the numbers of animals here...esp. in the house..let me be clear...

we have about 34 cats total....6 live in medical/bunny areas, frodo has his own trailer, and 5 live in the feline leukemia area..that leaves about 22 in the house. those 22 have free access to 5 full inside rooms and 2 large and enclosed outside areas. by ANY rescue shelter standards..these numbers are low. most cat shelters have a MINIMUM of 100 cats or more in significantly less square footage.

we have in total about 34 dogs (sorry i can't remember the exact count from the other day but if you can, just adjust the numbers in your head.)....5 live in the mp building...that leaves 29 in the house. of those 29 phoebe lives mostly in the entrance and perdy lives mostly in the laundry area because to the other animals, at times, they are dangerous...27 dogs are then divided between each half of the house with a minimum of 2 full rooms each plus access to the outside,...ideally...that is less than 7 dogs per 2 15x20 and 2 12x15 rooms (and at least half of these dogs are under 15 pounds) shelter, (not PRIVATE home) is not too bad at all.

as far as the dogs are concerned, it doesn't really matter how big their room areas are BECAUSE.... they will enmass and surround a human as soon as they walk in the door and the rest of the room will be empty anyway....(just like my freaking kingsized bed..most of it is empty at night,....this does somewhat piss me off cuz i am squished)
i could have a 10,000 square foot house and every single dog here will BY CHOICE squeeze into a 8x8 space around me or someone else if they could.
they don't care as much about organizing their bodies neatly thru out their home so it all looks nice and even..they care about having human this regard they are of one mind and body so they don't mind too much crowding around me.

anyway..just wanting to put the whole space thing into perspective..the animals perspective, the reality of rescue's perspective....the dog squishing is the dog's choice, not mine..i would like them all to lay in their beds and divide themselves between each room more equally so i can move around more freely...but that ain't likely to happen if they have anything to say about it.

AND...just to minimize the damage my bedtime routine post did to my self acclaimed (and very accurate) hellboy totem....

i would like to tell you something not very nice about me.

i really dislike busy bodies..they frustrate and irritate the hell out of me. i live with phoebe..i love her because i have to, not because she fits with me emotionally. and i will live with and tolerate her chaos causing busy body-ness that accomplishes absolutely nothing except irritating the shit out of all of us here because i have made myself love her (and occasionally i think she is kind of cute)..but i will not ever extend that tolerance and affection to busy body humans.

i figure phoebe got dropped on her head when she was a babe...i figure humans just are too busy sucking themselves emotionally full at someone else's expense to do anything remotely useful.

i am somewhat (but not much) ashamed to admit that i am not the least bit busy body friendly.

there, that is it......halo bud effectively nipped.


Barbara DeMott

In regard to BIBI, I just received a pair of custom made, all weather boots for Mollie (the one with SLO:lupus in her feet). I got them from Muttluks,INC (on the internet). They are wonderful!!!! Washable and fit really well with velcro fasteners. She doesn't seem to mind them but then she is a pretty compliant collie girl.