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i thought i would tell everyone about brutus's last month or so of life..i think his rescuers, nicole, maria and karen would like to know...and maybe others would too because i just did not post about him much..there are so many here.

Carol  ·  Aug. 13, 2010

by the time that brutus had his last day..he was well settled and at home. only took him a couple of days if even that after he got here. we put him in a temporary cage for a couple of days and then moved him into one of the large floor pens. i believe he was only confined in there for a couple of days too before the door was open and brutus came and went as he pleased.

he took over the round tube hidey hole in bobby browns room...the bottom home was flat to the ground and easy for him to get in and out of...he liked to sleep in there.
it was a bit of a challenge to keep it clean and dry because brutus was fully incontinent of both urine and stool...he would just leak both while he slept. not his fault and not a huge problem...tammy made it her personal mission every single day to make sure his bed was dry and clean. when he did pass away tho, that cat tower was thrown had just suffered too greatly with brutus's use.

brutus was great with the other cats..he was good with the little dogs, doris and yoshi too. and oh my god..he just adored his food. he never really got healthy and sleek..he never got to make it to fat...but he sure gave it all the good ole college try.

he was so kind with us too...always stopped to say hello, purred and rubbed his face against our hands before he shoved his face into the nearest canned food bowl. that old street cat never missed the opportunity for a good meal and he never forgot to say thank you either.

the only time he was unhappy with us was when we had to help him up near the end and when we had to clean up his backside a bit because he was just too weak and broken to reach. and really that was just for the last couple of days...up til then he managed reasonably well on his own.

i have a real soft spot for the ancient and broken survivors who lived most of their difficult lives without any lucky breaks. brutus finally got his break when he crawled out from under the right back porch and into the hearts of a bunch of different cat rescuers.

he was loved and cared for at the very end of his life...he felt that.

Brutus on Canada Day sporting his Canadian Pride!




when I heard Brutus's life story and struggle, for the brief time he was at Saints, I gave him a little lovin each day. I was surprised by his receptiveness and warmth. Thankfully, his ending included a safe haven.


Brutus was a great cat. The challenges he faced in life didn't take away any sweetness from him.
He was definitely happy at SAINTS. Not only did he love his canned food, he loved temptation treats. I'm glad he had the opportunity at SAINTS to enjoy everything a cat should have in life and I'm glad I had the opportunity to know him.