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t'was a beautiful happy day

Jenn  ·  Aug. 14, 2010

I went out to SAINTS today to meet a friend and supporter of SAINTS, Bonnie. She came with her elderly mother to meet Ziggy and brought treats for everyone: Watermelon and cookies are in the MP fridge for the volunteers tomorrow (help yourself, although someone will need to cut it) and she also brought a ton of treats for the barn guys (carrots, cherry tomatoes, and apples) and also dog cookies and temptations for the cats. She said she was going to try and get for sure one possibly two tables for the Gala. Amazing, thank you Bonnie!!!

We gave Herman a whole pack of cherry tomatoes and he was snorting with glee at this new found delicious treat. Bonnie has two pot belly pigs of her own and cherry tomatoes and grapes she says are a favorite of theirs. Ziggy fell in love with Bonnie's mom and was butting her with his head and trying to eat her purse, which was problematic because Bonnie's mom is unsteady on her feet and uses a cane so I had to put her behind the gate to keep her safe.

Once that interest was gone and Ziggy had scarfed down the two carrots we gave him he spent the rest of the time trying to nip at my ankles. Ouch. stop that I told him but he wouldn't. He is just too funny and the fur under his belly I have discovered is as soft as goose down!

Now without further ado, here are the SAINTS Saturday pics ....

Ellie Mae and Percy were both enjoying the great weather and as it were, having their picture taken

Jerry was happy and handsome with his COOL cut. The poof tail is cute too

some saints slept the day away, like Angel and Bitsy
Saints were running to and fro. Squirt runs towards me (note his new hair cut) and Pixie runs away from Harold who was trying to make friends

Poor Bailey wanted outside ... I truly wish someone would adopt him his is such a sweet dog

others got to spent their day outside: Joey and Al (above) and Jesse and Kira (below)


Harrison is prrrrfect, strikingly handsome. Mama Mia is sweet as pie, but has damaged ears from ear polyps before coming to SAINTS

Ziggy could not get enough of me and Carl could not get far enough away from me

more pixie pics you say ... OK. She is adorable.

*I acutally took a little video today ... and will post it tomorrow night so stay tuned!



Hi Carol,wow thanks for posting pic's of "Pixie"
can't wait to see the video!! It was such a pleasure to meet you the other day, look forward to following pixie's progress over the next few weeks.


Pixie is pretty darn adorable - thanks for posting, Jenn! She reminds me of Maverick, my long-haired Chi. I wonder if she is equally as bratty... :)


ya jenn thanks for the slurpee, im gonna bring my own bottle of rye n stash it somewhere seein as how i couldnt find any anywhere CAROL...haha (its a joke people, not a new thing to harp on) also bailey had a nice walk courtesy of colleens bf and he hung out with us while we drank our slurpees (SANS rye) in the mem garden, super well behaved dog.

Ann C

Those are great pics Jenn - thanks for the slurpee yesterday, that really hit the spot, timing was perfect!