Rescue Journal

and another weekend is done....

Carol  ·  Aug. 15, 2010

where are we standing in the 52 weekends each many are left for 2010?...18?

oh i was sweating up a storm and getting the barn guys to bed, my mind was already ahead of me to bedtime in the dark..bedtime in the crappy weather, bedtime with snow up to my freaking knees, panicking about ice under the big guys feet.
sigh...i should have just enjoyed bedtime tonight....and a little bit of sweat never hurt anybody.

it is hard putting everyone in every building to bed every was easier when i only did half of it but it was not better for the animals....i lost the feel of their pulse. now at least i know what is happening in every area each day...i know exactly who is eating what and how much..i can see the weight going back on gideon's old bones so i know we are on the right track with his feeding....i can see the coats of pete and gilbert once again shiny and filling in so i know whatever was bugging them before is not bugging them now...i still don't know what the problem was but at least whatever it was the problem seems to have disappeared.

and that is the thing in don't always get answers to the questions you have. sometimes you just do something a little bit differently and it works out well. sometimes you try to do something better and find that the results are actually worse, so you go back to what was working before and count yourself lucky if things get is a balancing act sometimes..juggling everyone's individual balls to find what works best for them.

i keep telling folks how much i love harold..i just think he is the coolest dog...mostly because he is so subtle.
he watches everything around him with a quiet interest. when he plays with his toys, you don't necessarily even know he is playing because he is so quiet and gentle about it unless you look down at your feet to see that he is quietly playing with something....he is really sweet.

so tonight i looked up at just the right second to see him pull a blanket off of the shelf..he did not pull it down for any was there, it caught his eye so he gave it a tug. his newest trick tho is not one i am fond of....he likes to lay in the doorway between the kitchen and computer room...if nothing is happening to catch his attention..he frequently just reaches his mouth over and chews on the door frame.
it is the first bored dog i ever have had with a problem with cribbing.

he stops when i tell him too..but then he just peeks over occasionally to see if i am looking somewhere else so he can once again sharpen his little front teeth scrapping the plaster off the doorway...i think if harold was a human, he would suck his thumb when he got bored. harold is for sure tired of his housebound confinement..but his pelvis is just not healed enough to let him tire himself out on the farm....several weeks more big guy...chew on your ball not the wall.

I am a basketball player ... so like any good bball player, I need a nickname. Any suggestions?

i got to spend some time with eric and ang and annabelle today, jenn came over too, it was so nice just to sit and chat and hold and oooh and awww over you know who.
i have not see that baby in almost 3 weeks and she has grown even more beautiful than she was at the wedding which was the last time i got to see her.
i have got to stop letting saints suck up every minute of my days off...i want a few hours at least once a week to get to know my grand baby and for her to get to know me too.

anne...eric and ang loved the barn yard book and the barn yard puppet show, thank you so much...i said ang could read the story and eric could perform with the barn guy puppets. hah! i want to be there for the very first show!

thank you to everyone this weekend for making saints such a wonderful place for the animals to live and thank you even more for carrying onward so i could leave today to see my family....
it was again, a very good weekend...even if it was too freaking hot. that furry black bugger is quietly trying to remove the purple cap from the water filled milk jug holding the door open between the rooms....god he is cute.


Ann C

I think Hoops is super cute. However I also think you are very mean to your aging volunteers who are memory challenged, I spend a great deal of time on the weekends trying to remember just the dogs names and I still call them by the wrong one! My best example is Harold who gets Harvey from me on a regular basis, now I'll be looking for three dogs - Harold, Harvey & Hoops? Ha! Ha!



There was carol trying to enjoy a bath yesterday afternoon, before enjoying time with her family... but I had a question.. so I am standing in the kitchen asking another volunteer if they knew where carol was... her answer.. she's in trying to have a bath. As I make my way to the closed bathroom seems with each step I take..the music in there gets louder & louder.. Ha I get what she is trying to do.. if I can't hear them perhaps they aren't really there ... no luck, one can't hide in a small room with no Exit.. plus I can yell pretty loud.

BTW - Gideon asked for his lunch quite early yesterday & he had a great breakfast too.. Whoo Hoo keep it up Gideon

Angela H.

Yes, Anne thank you so much for the puppets and the book! They are so adorable and we can't wait to use them with Annabelle.

Jenn Hine

mom I left you a message on your cell. Make sure to check that the ringer is on.