Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 17, 2010

It is with a great deal of sadness and an extremely heavy heart
> that I tell
> you that our dear Arthur is gone. His degenerative myelopathy
> had progressed
> significantly since his eye enucleation surgery a few months
> ago. We had him
> on pain meds, anti-anxiety meds, back and forth to the vet, you
> name it we
> did it for him, but in the end his quality of life was significantly
> compromised and he was barely able to walk. This was causing him
> a great
> deal of stress and our vet certainly agreed it was his time to
> go. Our vet
> noted we had done more for Arthur than anyone else would have
> and this made
> us feel that we had indeed done right by him. He had been
> deterioratingsignificantly these last few weeks, but he "told"
> me this morning it was
> time. It was a very peaceful day for Arthur. He left this world
> after a huge
> breakfast, many treats, and a nice wee putter as best he could
> on the cool
> grass with lots of things to sniff. We held him as he passed and
> it was
> extremely peaceful.he finally looked relaxed and at
> rest.something we had
> not seen in him for a long time.he was a very very good dog and
> we loved him
> with all our hearts. I want to thank you Carol for all you did
> for Arthur -
> you gave him a chance when he really did not have one, and in
> turn gave us
> six wonderful years with the most amazing dog in the world.

thank you so much you guys for loving him so very well. arthur was a truly great dog....i know he is resting in happy peace.



Carol, thank you for posting this for those who knew Arthur before he came to us. Thank you for trusting us with Arthur's care, thank you for all you do, for SAINTS, and for giving of yourself to the animals in the deepest way possible. Please know you are appreciated, respected, and loved! We adored and deeply loved our Arthur - he was always a very good boy and he will always be missed. Shelagh and Jamie.