Rescue Journal

old photos

Nicole  ·  Aug. 17, 2010

i found my cd of carol's old computer files. I found a bunch of old photos. I will try to post another set on thursday night. Carol, I'll bring you a copy of the cd out so you can see them all.

I think this is arthur, given that he only has one eye?

Man, I miss those giant ears of tally's

Who is this?

Oh Pops, so much slobbers

For Mo: Cedric and i think Jack and Sissy

Ogidie and a Fruitloop:

Work party photo, Cole, Bill and Lex

And finally the always amazing Lexie, look at that smile:



she was a pain with the other animals...with us she was sweet...i think all total, she only with us for a couple of weeks.


lol ... funny but I do remember really liking Holly... and don't remember that she was a pain in ass... sorta like some ex boyfriends of mine... the brain is a wonderful thing sometimes remember the good..forget the bad.


lol...your brain cells are better then mine!! it was holly...becky was lexi's name when she came in!!!!


Oh My Cedric , I had sorta left him far back in my mind.. so Thank You Nicole, for posting these pics they made me feel happy & sad all at once... but mostly happy

Carol are you sure Becky isn't Holly ? or was there a Holly that looked like Becky ? or am I losing more brain cells than I thought.....


Hi, I sent in a few photos of Arthur and also the one of Arthur that Carol is referring to - sitting next to her leg just before we adopted him in 2004. Let me know if you don't receive them. Thanks! Shelagh.


crap, sorry, i thought angel had both eyes. i couldn't find any photos of arthur then.


no...that is angel, who i euthanized...she was the one who killed murphy, and still had a bullet still lodged in her head, probably (in way too late retrospect) for killing farm animals somewhere...that is how she lost that eye...i did not take it from her....she was found almost dead by the pound on the side of a country road, with the bullet in her head, her jaw broken from it and her one eye destroyed.
despite her murderous tendencies...she was a very sweet dog in all other ways...5 years later...i still feel like crap whenever i think about either her or murphy, i let them both down horribly...i should have shut him into my bedroom before i had that shower...that is one day i would do anything to re-do.

the only pic i think i have left of one of a beautiful PB GSD sitting next to my leg in my living room of my family home before i moved to the first saints site.

the "who is this?" picture is becky...sweet dog but another pain in the ass...she also wanted to eat cats AND small dogs if she could but i was able in the end to return her to her original family before she found her chance.

look at pops, ogidie, cedric, jack, sissy, tally, cole and lexi and bill..god.... they were all great, great animals...that fruit loop is tang and he is still pissing on everything that he can!