Rescue Journal

barn OMG!!! 2 fer...

Carol  ·  Aug. 23, 2010

the first of the omg! 2 fers.......edith had her head stuck thru the old page wire fence up by the road...i don;'t know how long she was standing there with her head stuck but however long it was.... i bet she did not like it. (this weekend we have got to cut that old page wire off.)..i did get her unstuck and she is absolutely fine...ate a really good dinner following her trauma too so that was good.

the second of the omg! 2 fers....i finally got to play ball with ziggy!!!! you have no idea how freaking cute he is!!!! he grabs the ball and tosses it at you. you pick it up and toss it for him...he goes and gets it and drags it across the dirt for a bit and then he brings it back to toss at you again.

we have got to get this on video!

ok...sorry, i won't post anymore, don't want to bury the gala table post til it is all sorted out.