Rescue Journal

the young 'uns

Carol  ·  Aug. 25, 2010

chewie and ziggy again helped me at barn bedtime. ziggy has gotten the whole routine down pat...follow me around to and fro, stay out from under my feet as much as you can and share a cuddle or two or twenty while doing the work.

chewie however is starting to improvise....trot along side of me...quickly dart right in front so i almost trip, try to see and taste what is in every single bowl as it floats by just out of reach and if that doesn't back to the feed shed, climb up on the freezer and stand up there taste testing the bowls that are still there.

i have to say this...old animals can be a lot of fun...and they can get into a lot of trouble..AND they know exactly what they are doing at all times....that is what makes them fun.
but the young ones have an innocence about almost irresistible enthusiasm to experience as much as they thought of right or wrong, just impulsively doing whatever occurs to them and that is what makes them fun to be with too.

for an old animal freak,i sure am enjoying the exuberant youth around here too.

here are some pics of the young 'uns from Shelly taken on Saturday

casper is only young at heart though. Ziggy was very interested in him.


Ann C

Great way to start the day, once again the cutest story, gotta love the babies! Thanks


geee, i love those kind of "bed-time" stories. thanks for the chuckle...i had to go back in the blog to see who was who...but i was thinking chewie was a goat.

hey carol i'll be in the fraser valley from sept.13 - sept.18th (13th is full already) but is there a better time that you might be off to come and see you and all the wonderful saints and the "young'uns" too.
i thought i would at least drop the items off for the fundraiser asap on tuesday sept. 14th. if your not available i'm sure we can come back again