Rescue Journal

griffin sucks when one has a headache..his constant high pitched barking about something shatters the cells in your brain.

Carol  ·  Aug. 27, 2010

Here me ROARrrrrrrr!


i was really trying to push my personal laundry thru last night..i have not gotten all of it done in months...just a load or two every week to see me thru.
well i did get most of it final load today...and i will actually make myself get it all put away by the end of the day...and i will try to stay on top of it so it doesn`t get so big again.
luckily the godfather parts 1, 2, 3 were on so they kept me busy while shifting and folding until 2 am...which is when my headache began...and it is still here.

talk about a complicated life..i thought my life made my head hurt but the godfathers lives made my head hurt even worse.

i told renee yesterday that by rights both she and i should be fired. as i was cleaning the kitchen yesterday and reconfiguring the lovely and soft bed on the stove it suddenly occured to me.....OM freaking GOD!!!!! are you totally insane....who puts a pile of blankets and cat beds on top of the stove...all it would take is one cat rubbing around to turn one of the elements on!!!!
that stove has been a bed for more than three years...and for three solid years the thought of the fire hazard it posed never entered our heads!!!!
we deserve to be fired for the stupidity in that and for putting all of these guys at huge risk.

better late then never i suppose. the bed is gone temporarily until i can get someone to pull it out and unplug it.....i am more that willing to give up the stove to the cats who like to sleep there but i can`t believe the fire hazard did not occur to me until yesterday...that is how utterly stupid i can somtimes is truly amazing.

i need to find a home for little precious pixie...she is not happy here and still wants to leave. i find it frightening that she is so tiny because she could find a way out again and next time we might not be so lucky to get her back again.
so if anyone knows anyone close to our vets who could be a great home for her, please pass them on. she has not had her surguries yet because A...i was waiting for her to settle, (which she is not) and B..we are broke anyway so until the fundraiser (or donations pick up) she is being maintained on antibiotics and pain meds for now (she could have gone in this week if lucky did not eat up the 2 grand in emergency fees). she would be a foster to adopt until all of her tune up vet care is done.

come'on someone get me the FACK outta here. I am small and cute ... what more can I say


we had a brief thunder and lightening storm here last night which freaked out quite a few of the animals..i am glad i was home and able to go from area to area to keep everyone calm. no one got hurt, no one got lost, no walls were damaged so i was happy for us all.

the storm freak outs currently living at saints are....daphne, al, jesse, bailey, harold, joey, lola, dusty, bibi, pixie, merry, and a few of the cats. run, dump run, feed run...and finish my laundry..maybe if i have time i could also tidy the desk in the office.



oooohhh, yes she does...please colleen rescue her from here...SHE WANTS OUT!!!!!!

Colleen B

I have a soft spot for chis. Something about their nasty little personalities. And I'd say she fits my "homely dog" requirement quite perfectly, no?

Julie Hartland

Pixie is sure cute, hope she can find a home soon.
Hopefully funds should be on the way soon from The Animal Shelter Challenge. Julie


The stove should be on a breaker all by itself, so you could probably just switch the breaker off and then the stove wouldn't work.