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Sunday at SAINTS

Jenn  ·  Aug. 30, 2010

Well I finally got my pics off my camera and let me tell you they were NOT worth the hours and hours of aggravation! But here they are enjoy.

Sunday was a mixed happy and sad day.

I arrived just as Bailey's new mom was picking him up

HAPPY: Bailey's new sibling waits in the car and Bailey's new mom straps him in his special doggy seat belt. No crate for this lucky boy.(Brenda looked so happy I thought she was going to hug Bailey's new mom for JOY!)


ah, cutie!!!

HAPPY: Sheila and Leila were also there to take Scrappy and Lotus home

SAD: I visited Quiet's now empty coop ...

While I was pondering Quiet's life & death I looked over ... and geezus murphy look at how FAT the classy chickens are starting to get

But then she stood up at it wasn't so bad, it was mosly FEATHERS!! YEAH.

Speaking of "tail feathers"

Just in case you really wanted to feel sorry for our Lucky girl. Just look at the sad state of her poor hairless tail! Dusty was being very supportive and non-judgemental of her ... of course it helps that she is BLIND!

Here is the conversation they had after Lucky's unlucky morning ...

"Ok don't look. Close your eyes ..."

"Ok but I am blind ... so I can't see anything. What happened?"

"Oh doG! I have RAT tail"

"What is a Rat?"

"I don't know. But its bad, really bad. Carol said so"


While Lucky was understandably being unsocial ...

Herman was snacking on blueberries and looking quite social (perhaps a little overweight) and Giddeon was also being very social (perhaps a little under weight still).

I tried desperately to get a nice pic of the three cows together ... unfortunately they foiled my plan over and over

first, joy quickly moves her head to block emily from the shot. Next, Pecy turns and MOOOooons the camera!
Look how defiant they look! Oh well, at least Ellie Mae was being cooperative and content in her Sunday mud hole

Griffin was being very very CUTE .. and Daphne just refused to be left behind anywhere ... awe yes you are still the cutest of the land--but I think you may need anail trim those things look like a weapon (hint nicole)

I FINALLY got a pic of Tiko and Tasha together and the lighting sucked! oh well. Can you tell them apart?


nope not there, i bet you can't

But this is TASHA and this is TIKO (i think hehe)

When I went into the house I thought I was walking into an Indian palace. All of the precious saints were perched on their own little pillows.

Prudence and joey were on yellow pillows (doesn't pru look really long and weird in this shot? lol she kinda looks like a Japanese anime monster)

Sammy and Lil' Big Bud (who was looking GREAT on Sunday) were on orange pillows

Max and Mandy were looking especially pathetic

Now I want to talk adoption with you ..

Ruby is a young healthy cat. She needs a home. She likes to sleep with the bunnies ... so I think someone who adopts her should also adopt a few bunnies too (hint, hint Tammy)


Speaking of ADOPTION!!

Please PICK ME, Pixie! NO pick me, PERDY!

yeah perdy is less than thrilled with sharing her private "laundry" suite with three felines.

Tiger woods has reclaimed his dryer-top bed and Webster simply goes whereever he pleases

Ok it is bedtime ... night all


I am under here ... find your own spot


Brenda McCormick

Wonderful pics - except for the one with me in the background! and yes, I almost DID hug Bailey's new mom. I was so glad to be there to see him leave with her. I agree with Lynne - seeing Perdy get a permanent home would be amazing!!


your pics and comments were worth the wait. thanks jenn. love the lucky comments. bye bailey, be happy and be good. let us know every so often michelle how he is doing thanks. now to find perdy a home.


Not Japanese anime. Basking seal is what Pru looks like in that picture.