Rescue Journal

i think i did alright (with help from my human saints friends)

Carol  ·  Sep. 1, 2010

when i was doing the barn bedtime routine, i was looking at all of our guys...some of them "rescued" which means someone, somewhere "saved" them and then dumped them on us to take care of for the rest of their lives...some of them owner surrenders, or purchased from broker or auction..not cared about before...mostly all... soon to be part of the food chain anyway.

taking owner surrenders, buying from brokers or auctions are not great things in some parts of the BC rescue world.

so tonight i thought about amos...lice ridden. uncared for, unhappy and chained...and i think about where he is now....i did not do a bad thing.
and i looked at emily and joy and knew i did right by them too.
as i herded the classy chicks in...i saw how beautiful and healthy they had become and i am glad i brought them all home.
and finally i watched all the bunnies...amber, stretched out on her side with her nose pressed into stevie...bob and ray, while still alone, perfectly content in their not so perfect(by my standard) homes...and finally the big brown betty meat bunnies...tossing their toys all around, trying to rip their mini stainless steel buckets off the fence...and just having some young bunny fun in there tonight...i did ok by them too.

all of these animals have stretched us to the max...all of them have taken their toll...but all of them are alive and well tonight....all of them found a much nicer world.

there are so many issues out there in the giant big world of rescue, brokers, owner surrenders,BYB's, puppy millers, pet stores selling lives. the animals always come from some human stupidity or greed somewhere..they don't all come nice and ethically washed clean from an acceptable source like a shelter or pound. they don't all get that chance to even get there. sometimes they just go on to more shitty homes or to slaughter houses somewhere.
but, it really is just about the individual animals...not where they come from, not who or what their lives supported or paid for....just individual animals living a crappy life...facing an even crappier death who's only out is to somehow get lucky and find something kinder.

not many of these animals have very good luck....especially when rescue says helping them is wrong.

i am finally not conflicted inside about them anymore...they have a very good life here....i did ok by them all....and really that is my job...not to change the whole world (...hey...i would if the whole world would let me!!!!)...but just make it better for the ones who i stumble across every now and then...doesn't matter who, doesn't matter just matters that i stop and help when i can.


Amy Dalgliesh

Hey Steve, haven't you heard? Carol takes them bald and leaky also, so no promises necessary.


Hey being around there on a semi regular basis..........Every animal that I ever seen come there.......was like goin to heaven........alittle bit early......before they actually passed on....Don't let the politics get to ya.....Hey If I grow some more hair.......n promise not to pee on yur bed...........Will ya look after my senior years...... ;0.........;0