Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 2, 2010

it doesn't matter who you are, how you dress, or how hard you try to do the right thing....someone is just not going to get it.

twice this week i have been called "sir" by sales clerks...yes both times i was wearing a mans shirt.....but i am sorry...they are way easier to move/work in, easier to launder and have way more useful pockets then feminine and stylish, pretty womans shirts. (plus because of the roomy statregically placed pockets you can wear a tank underneath and forego the stupid bra.)

i have a houseful of VERY unhappy dogs...griffin and sammy want out of my bedroom...reggie just wants out to run around and scream. jesse hates the office, esther, bibi and harold are refusing to even enter the big dog room without me and are laying around outside ready to leap to their feet and the gate the second i show my face.

yoshi thinks the house sucks, doris while more resigned is not all that happy either..big bud wants back into the bedroom, perdy wants her yoga mat back and al is pissed off at the new dogs hanging around his room.

angel believe it or not is doing the best of everyone..all she cares is that not only am i in here but i might be eating some food.

bonita has arrived...she is doing ok except for yelling at me to go get her mom. i did bring her over to the main part of the house...she was looking too interested in the height of the fence to leave unsupervised for long. when push came to shove..her mom could not sign the surrender papers..i sent her home to think about it because if bonita is staying i need those forms signed. if she cannot sign them by tomorrow, it means that bonita does not need to be here and bonita may get her wish to go home again.

i do personally think in the end she will adjust and do just fine here, but if her home cannot give her up then she should be home and not here giving me shit. and literally that is what she is doing...sitting right next to me and staring me right in the eye and yelling at me to get off my ass and go find her missing mom.

she is a very funny dog!

i left a message for laura..i am hoping to suck her in to coming and staying with all of the unhappy ones while i put the barn guys and mp building to bed.

someone should tell them they are all freaking homeless and beggers cannot be choosers. AND i am way smarter than all of them put together and i have decided these shift arounds are going to make their lives significantly better!

Kitchenthe MP room

House Laundry Area and Perdy's Suite

the small dog room off the kitchenthe small dog room off the kitchenCat + Dog Room

Carol's BedBedroom

Big dog roomBog dog room again