Rescue Journal

the beauty of this blog...

Carol  ·  Sep. 3, 2010 is a daily diary or everything going on around here. lynne`s question twigged me so i typed bibi in the search box and went back and read over all of the posts where he was mentioned...his full saints life story is full posts or just the occasional small mentions.

what struck me tho was this...even tho i was trying to be hopeful when writing about him in the beginning...i was not really feeling all that hopeful. he was one of the most difficult dog adjustments i have had to live thru (i do think the worst one i had was really old blue...before saints..someday i will have to see if i can dig out the story i wrote about blue...he was an ancient blind, deaf and demented border collie in the midst of a mental meltdown) anyway..i did keep saying that i hoped one day bibi would be happy and maybe bibi would love me....well it did take awhile but it happened...bibi is happy and bibi really loves me.

i need to listen to myself more...give them enough time and patience and they will be ok.
that was quite the story bibi..if i ever do write a book, you might get your very own chapter!

anyway...thank you for healing yourself and becoming my friend...and what did not kill us, did make both of us stronger.