Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 4, 2010

oh hey jenn! that worked! thank you peanut now i can vote...yayayayay!!!!



so so happy for bailey and your family. love that dog lots thankyou so much michelle am thrilled with your good news that he is happy. give him a big kiss from me.


Great to hear about Bailey. I love it when a perfect match comes along and one of our guys finds their forever home.


thx for the update michelle, i knew i picked right by him. do you need any help with the dysplagia? our vets thought he was fine, but as it is a pre-existing medical condition, we can help out with it if you need.


Awesome news Michelle! I'm so glad you, Kabuki and Bailey found each other. Bailey definitely hit the jackpot with a home that cares and loves him soooo much. Thanks for the updates we always like to know how our extended Saints family is doing. It makes our hearts smile!!


Thank You Michelle for opening your heart & home to Bailey, your post has left me with images that that will have me smiling all day & then some !!


Hi there,

I thought I would give you a quick update on Bailey. He has settled in fantastically. He wags his tail at me and when he is really happy he nuzzles me with that huge nose of his. He is eating well and totally loves his walks (although I have been advised by the vet to keep them a bit short due to his hips). He decided I was the world's biggest towel during Tuesday's rain and proceeded to rub every single inch of his body against me to dry himself off--even though I was holding the actual towel in my hands! I took Bailey to my vet yesterday for a meet and greet to see how I could best take care of him. He weighs 91.4 pounds. I already was pretty sure that he has hip dysplasia, which Dr. G confirmed. His hips are quite sore upon palpating so Bailey is now on an anti-inflamatory as well as Glucosamine (which I started him on last Monday). The biggest worry was that his tummy was quite saggy, which had the vet worried about his spleen (me too, since a splenic tumour was the end to my old girl Sadie in June). The vet took some x-rays and seemed not so worried anymore. He cannot explain the sagginess but Bailey's spleen, liver and kidneys all look normal. What came as a surprise to both the vet and myself is that Bailey seems to have a bunch of thin 1-2 inch wire pieces in his abdominal area. We are not sure but they look like they are in the skin. I am an X-ray tech, so the Vet was okay with me taking a look at the films. These metal pieces are not like anything I have ever seen before. They are not acupuncture needles as I have seen radiographic images of those broken off and they look quite straight, where as these were quite irregular. I just hope that there wasn't horrific trauma that happened to Bailey. He is so mellow and just happy to be in the same room with you. Yesterday and today I kept the back door to the open as it was so nice out. Bailey was quite amazed that he could come and go as he pleased. I even watched him napping in the grass this afternoon. I soooooo love this guy and I think the feeling is mutual. He gets along great with Kabuki, he even tries to engage in a bit of play although he seems to know his limits in terms of mobility. It is my honour to try and create a doggie nirvana for Bailey, he deserves it! Oh yeah, Kabuki is happier too, on Monday night, I reached down to pet him, he rolled onto his back, and smiled. He has a new brother!


no i sponsored them from the open house the fundraiser was for other animals copper champ and a few others. not a big deal anyway.



Lotus does come down the stairs and through the baby gate and onto the same floor as SCREECH. Ekes. And then she cries because she can't get back figure out how to go back through the baby gate. We know have the opening at the top of the stairs closed off with some old closet doors until we can figure something else out.


i think lynne sponsored their table for the fundraiser nicole, not the monthly sponsorships that why there is no paperwork.


Hey Lynne, I never saw any sponsorship stuff from you, did you just send the cheques in or did you fill out a form. I will add you to Perdy's page and Harold's.


i was kind of wondering meghann if you read this that the cheques i put in for sponsoring perdy and bailey do not have me sposoring them, i realize that bailey has a new home thany;ou michelle and instead i would sponsor harold. if you can take care of that great thanks.