Rescue Journal

do you know what makes a rescuer different than a regular human beingÉ

Carol  ·  Sep. 4, 2010

the É thing is my computers new version of the question mark..i have no idea why it is doing this but is.

anyway..the difference is not that our love for animals is any greater than anyone is not that we are more dedicated to helping them or more concerned about their is not that we were gifted with wings or halos or even any extra brains...which would be helpful by the way.

it is because for some reason we are weirdly willing to become human wedgies at night. most nights i don`t mind it but tonight i knees are aching and i have restless legs. i just want to be free to fling around to find some comfort and peace...unfortunately rescuers are not allowed to leg fling because it would disturb and probably toss all of their blind and ancient charges right off the bed...and that would be mean.

rescue ripples in the pond of trying to be sleeping.

i have taken some advil and some pepcid ac (the advil irritates my chronic and hovering near, rescue worrying ulcer) and i am thinking about running an after midnight hot bath....except i don`t feel like getting wet.

restless legs SUCK!

oh well and this too shall pass eventually.

since i am restless and awake...i should do that pile of laundry that didn`t get thru today..but then i have to forgo the hot bath.

difficult choices on how to use the limited water in conjunction with wide awake nighttime sucks somewhat too.

i should have just flung the dogs off the bed and stayed where i was.


Amy Dalgliesh

I have suffered in the past from restless legs and it is miserable. Luckily, I seem to have kicked that (ha ha), but am now suffering from hot flashes. I do have to say the cats leave for these. I don't fling, but I do persuade them to leave rather quickly.