Rescue Journal

oh yay...not.

Carol  ·  Sep. 4, 2010

not only is my question mark a `É`now but my àt`sign is now a "...which means i cannot type in my email address and vote in the pepsi challenge..i see we have dropped to /3..ok, i guess the number sign doesn`t work either.....that pretty much sucks also today. freaking computers.
oh well... if we lose i will tell the animals it is not my fault (altho it may be the fault of some orange spraying fruit loop.... even if it appears that keyboard has not been tampered with again...i think that it probably has.)...freaking cats.

i do hesitate to dump this keyboard before it has totally given up the ghost...we do have some extras now that laura collected but i don`t want to be wasteful of those...even if we do somehow have a miracle and win the pepsi challenge...that money is ear marked for vet care only, not replacing keyboards messed up by busy unadoptable cats.

bonita is yelling at me again today..i asked her to whisper cuz i did not get much sleep...she says whispering is stupid when one is upset, yelling gets the point across better.
she is probably right in that.

i see in the comments of our contest page that someone was questioning the pepsi challenge grant money being used to keep old animals going and if it couldn`t be used somehow better...(good answer amy, thank you so much.)

and it is a good point..if little kids are starving and never have any fun and are sick in the world, if old people are living in isolation and can`t get out or a ride to their doctors appointments or to the grocery store to buy food...why should old animals be taken care of so wellÉ (É is the new question mark.)

i don`t have an answer to that...all i can say is...many of the ideas on this contest are truly important and not only can make the world a better place but have the support structure behind the idea to follow thru with their whoever wins, it will be a good thing and the world will get a bit better for some, this is fine with me...but i still just wish i could vote even if someone more important in the big scheme of things actually wins...our guys would like me to vote for their health...oh well.

ok, the reality not the wishful thinking today...feed run, lucky`s follow up vet appointment...(i do NOT feel like lifting that hefty girl up into the van today!)...and then i want to see how harold does out at the barn and if bonita can be trusted off leash and how much green goop is hanging from ziggy`s very sweet nose.


Chris T

The keyboard you are using likely has software that needs to be installed. When one of the techie people are there perhaps they can have a look. It is probably a microsoft keyboard. Once the software is installed it won't happen anymore.