Rescue Journal is NEVER to go down to the lower pasture again.

Carol  ·  Sep. 5, 2010

it took almost an hour to get him back up again at bedtime which pissed off everyone else who was waiting for dinner and bed.
i found him down under the trees behind the pond...i soon realized i had to move every stick, rock and log out of his direct path to get him to come along with me. once we finally made it up to the lower gate, herman decided he was tired and needed to dig a hole and sleep.
give me a break here herman....we are halfway home!
i went and got an apple and cut it into small peices..he ate all of those in only moving about 6 feet..once they were gone he turned around and went back to his nice new dirt bed.
i told him i had bananas for supper...he still wouldn't move...i told him there was some murdering animal around that might want to murder him in his sleep....he wasn't moving, he had travelled far enough for one day at least.
i finally got the empty blue plastic pool and herded him up with that..he thought i was incredibly rude, impatient and pushy...hey...some people think the same!
but bottom line.... whether herman (or humans) get it or not.....i only push and make someone move if i absolutely have to...otherwise, unless it is important, i have better things to do than argue and struggle and take up time and energy to make them do what i want.

anyway..we finally did make it up to the barn, and he quite enjoyed his dinner and everyone else finally got to bed and also had their supper. and all of the barn guys were safe in their bedtime spots which is what really bedtime is about....not personal choices or timetables...not about someones agenda or opinion (pete and gilbert have their own personal agendas at bedtime and it ain't about the well being of all) is about making sure all eat well, they are all comfortable and they all will be absolutely safe until morning.

get with the program herman or stay in the upper field.

i hit my freaking head again putting the classy chicks to bed because i was in a hurry after messing around with herman......the dent in my head is getting bigger and deeper each year....pretty soon my head will be shaped like a valentine heart...this cannot possibly be a good (or healthy) thing.


lucky had her vet check...another ten days of baytril but her lungs do sound better.

ruby went off to her brand new home..yay ruby and carol!

bonita is settling...she has discovered the couch and is quite enjoying lounging on it instead of trying to chew the wood and wire of the cat run to get out.

yoshi is the only one left still upset with the moves...doris is eating again, but yoshi still will not even eat the roast chicken i bought for are not going back to the medical room yoshi-man, i want you over brave, eat your chicken and turn yourself right side up too will be fine over here.