Rescue Journal

a flash of genius

Carol  ·  Sep. 8, 2010

it is the name of a movie i finished watching today (i started watching it last week but got busy and distracted and missed the last half.) is the true life tale of the inventor of the intermittent windshield took his prototype and then manufactured the device as their own. it took many years and the loss of his family and friends to win his court the end he did..but at a high personal cost.

what struck me about this movie was..the day before the jury was to go offerred him 30 million dollars (this was a lot of money back then...heck, it is a lot of money today)..he said no..he wanted them to admit they had stolen it and give him the credit for what he himself had invented...they said no...he could have all the money he wanted but to give him back his integrity, meant they had to admit to wrong doing and that they would not do.

he won the case....the jury awarded him 10 million dollars...a third of what he would have gotten if he sold himself out.

i was thinking after the movie was over..what he had lost and what he had gained.
here was a man who believed in truth and honor, here was a man who sacrificed many things for what he did truly believe.

it was a good story...sad and heart breaking at times and even at the end..truth and honor don't come cheaply or easily for was an interesting movie.

today was a day of invented things not working so well...i bought some LCD stick on lights on sale for 50% won't turn on at all and four will not stick where i want them to stick. those particular inventions need a bit more work. i tried to get the house phones working without any luck at all so i guess i will have to get shaw out here because it is obviously the wiring again and not the actual phones.

steve stopped by to look at the suite...he said i am just wasting money trying to salvage any of the carpet up in the suite. he said it all needs to get torn out and replaced, so i had the carpet place come and measure..i found the cheapest carpet they had in the store which they will sell for $1 a square foot (that is 44cents off) installation etc... and we will see what the quote ends up being..but i am still expecting about $1000 which totally sucks all around.

we showered chewie today to have a really good look at the remaining small seems to be stuck at a standstill...not much if any healing in the past few weeks...i think i might ask the vets to consider surgically closing it...i think it is small enough to attempt that now.

screw off!

the instructor from Douglas College came out...the vet assistant students start here on sept group.

merry's potential adopters came today and decided not to adopt..she growled a bit when she was picked up. i understand how she felt being picked up by people she did not know so i am ok with what she did...not all possibilities are meant to become realities and merry is just fine here.

Oh good it worked, they are leaving ... NOW can we play?

the sand and gravel was delivered, the water delivery is tomorrow..i never did make it to cleaning off the office desk but mostly because i did not feel like it.

so i did get some of the things i needed taken care of today...and i did manage about an hour and a half of quiet time to finish watching a movie that i am glad i got a chance to see.

it was one of those fair to middling days...not so great, not so bad...just filled with typical mundane kind of things...i still think i should have just gone to work today.