Rescue Journal

work was slow today so i took a LOA without pay.

Carol  ·  Sep. 8, 2010

i want a bed day...that was the plan yesterday when i decided to take the day off (i literally was falling asleep while driving and had to pull over for a 10 minute power nap...even i was getting scared that i might die before the end of my shift.) but, now after sleeping fairly well last night......i am thinking...the email box is 96% full...i can't remember the last time i paid terrason gas...the insurance runs out on the van today so i should renew it...the office desk is full of unopended mail (not donations, those get opened..but mostly bills and whatever can wait kind of stuff.)
i should order water...and some gravel to fix muddy spots before winter....oh and sand in prep for icy pathways out in the barn yards...we need a pile of that around here too.
the classy chicks outside pen is getting not only muddy but really slippery...i am going to fall one bedtime soon.
i should move the fans out to the shop and the heaters over to here and the mp building....merry and esther are probably both going out on i should get them bathed up nice and pretty too.
and some of the windows are looking kind of icky from busy, wet, nosy might be nice to look outside thru clean glass instead of their version of smeary dog frosting. and i should find a away to prevent harold from gnawing on my bedroom wall cuz he was starting last night to do it while he was waiting to fall asleep too...why can't he suck his toe instead???

hmmmm...waste a day in bed?...yes, yes, yes.... or do a bunch of stuff that i have to,no,no,no.....ah crap man....who will win?...the so wanna be lazy today or the better be somewhat responsible?

rescue so sucks on an unpaid extra day off...i should have just gone to work and made money on an easy shift...duh..i am so stupid.