Animal Updates

so apparently....

Carol  ·  Sep. 10, 2010

when renee went to stick reggie back in the office..the poor little bugger took one look at the gate he was heading to and did an about face and ran directly back to my room and hid under the bed.
awwwwww.....that made me feel bad for the poor little absolute insanely irritating pain in the ass...i might pull him back over at bed time and let him sleep over here at night with me IF he can at least try to be minimally good and polite.

that dog drives me (and al) totally nutz...but geez louise....picturing him hiding under the bed so he didn't get kicked out made me feel really badly for him...he really is very sweet, but he is still totally crazy.

Oh Please ... lousie let me be a bed buddy. Who is louise?

harold and bibi are happy to be back in the main part of the house...jesse is happy to be back in the dog room..pixie is still completely pissed right off at being stuck in a cage...i am thinking if we stick a permanent cone on her head, she won't be able to squeeze thru the wire..and at least she can wander around freely again...i will look for a tiny one tomorrow and give it a try and see how she does.

the pixie butterfly who will be free dog is making me feel as guilty as that other crazy curly headed nutbar...why can't they both at least try to follow the simple and very reasonable and fair rules around fighting, no high pitched constant screaming, no escaping and please don't eat the freaking walls....these are pretty easy to follow rules!

well..i better do the last three diabetics and go spend some time with the bed buddies, BEFORE i bring the screaming and raging reggie back over here on a trial for bedtime..i will carefully explain to him that this is his one and only chance at a relatively decent compromise.