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reggie didn't make it over...

Carol  ·  Sep. 11, 2010

i started watching the movie "black beauty" on dontcha think that was odd? that particular movie on when i am thinking about what i am thinking about?...cuz that movie wasn't just about some pretty shitty homes for that was also about getting packed up and moved around and losing and missing his mother and friends.

anyway....this is what i did learn during that movie...(everything else is still under consideration)

there is absolutely no point at all in changing your linens and coverings on your bed so you can really comfortably watch a possibly relevant movie (to you)...if you....

share potato chips in your bed with a bunch of your furry friends.

here is the thing about potato a human mouth, they shatter, but stay where they are. in a dog's mouth, they shatter and little bits fall out and drop all over the bed. i am not sure if this is because our mouths are shaped differently or if because the dogs just do not have enough potato chip experience to know how to properly eat chips...i rarely buy them so it could be either.

now i will say that some of them are pretty good at licking up the mess that they made (they do a really good job and keep going til they find every single salty speck)......but then the sheets and blankets get wet and soggy and that is not so much better than crumbs.

and the other wet and soggy thing that was bugging me somewhat last night was.....a certain blue soggy sock monkey that kept getting tossed in my face by a long and low little someone.

and a certain long and low someone is a cutey!!
Photobucket was an interesting and decent night, and i am not too sorry i didn't go and get was after midnight when the movie was over, the crumbs were all gone and the blanket and sheets were starting to dry....too late to disturb the settling peace and bring a sleepover raving maniac by.

sorry reg...maybe tonight.