Rescue Journal

this is from a group of students fundraising for saints as a group project. the amount of hits they get on their website also impacts their grade so since they are kindly helping us..lets help them by visiting their website!

Carol  ·  Sep. 13, 2010

Hi Carol,
> I just wanted to give you a bit of an update.
> We created our website and have been soliciting friends, family,
> fellow students and our following on Facebook to generate sales.
> Our website launched officially on August 22 and we have until
> the 21st of this month to raise money.
> We downloaded some Youtube videos about SAINTS and as well have
> written some personal stories about animals we love. In
> addition, we have taken info on SAINTS (history, mission etc) to
> reinforce how important this cause is.
> Our web store originally featured dog/cat collars and golf balls
> (one of our team members is a member of a golf club in Victoria)
> but we have since expanded and have created some categories from
> the SAINTS "wishlist". By doing this, we have managed to cut
> down on our shipping and purchase costs so that more profit can
> be directed to SAINTS. As an e-commerce challenge, we couldn't
> have a "donate" button, but we can have a category, for
> instance, saying "donate $10 toward cat/dog food".
> We have managed to raise just a little under $600 so far. In the
> next 10 days, we hope to break the $1,000 mark. We are
> presenting on our project in Victoria on September 21st and
> after that, will be sending a check to SAINTS.
> I have included our website below. You can also find us on
> Facebook under "golf for pets".
> Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
> Best Regards,Gaelan



Gaelan you are such a rock star! You will go far :) Congratulations to you for raising so much for SAINTS :))