Rescue Journal

ok..i am finally home for the night!

Carol  ·  Sep. 16, 2010

i did whip home quickly at lunch, the guys were managing fine...the carpet layer was ticking along nicely...but work was a disaster...2 sick calls despite my dire warnings...everyone is getting sick and burnt out in nursing.
i flew home after work but laura was already almost finished putting the barn guys to bed so i quickly settled the mp building and medicated max again before dashing back to maple ridge for a family dinner.
thank you laura for the barn guys and ko for checking on the ducks and chickens and thank you tammy for putting frodo safely away so he did not get into the carpet guys van!

the suite is virtually done..i just have to spot paint a couple of walls and paint the wooden door. the new carpet looks great, the smell is gone and while refurnished and finished with some weird second hand odds and is clean, and comfy and cozy again..i am happy, frodo is more thing off "it is bugging me!" list.

i am trying to decide how to handle ex-sister in law is visiting and i want to spend some time with her...we haven't seen each other in 10 years. she is coming out to hang with me here for the day. i want it to be nice here and she is going to help me with a couple of things i am putting together for the fundraiser on saturday night. but the weather is crappy so nice on crappy days does involve wet dogs, wet feet and wet is a challenge to keep it looking i have early morning vet runs to do...and we are still short one staff person tomorrow.

so i am trying to decide if i pull a late (or all) nighter and do all of the cleaning really good instead of sleeping........if it will last even just into the late morning which is when i want to give her the tour. the problem with this is...i just looked in the big dog room and all of the window sills and trim need washing cuz they are covered in fly specks..if i start cleaning that deeply..the night will never end or if i go that deep....i won't get very far. but now that i have seen it, i can't just ignore it because something new is bugging me now...why does this kind of gotta do shit actually bug me so much???

hmmmmmm...get up at 5 and start to clean or clean now til i finally drop dead???
the problem is..i hate gross. i can barely handle beaten, eaten and battered....but i really despise dirty and'd think i could be happy cuz the suite looks good again but no..i have to find something else to drive myself nutz.

oh well i will drink a baby can of diet coke and ponder between cleaning and sleeping..anyone wanna wager which way i will spend tonight???

max seems a bit better tonight...his chin is still dragging the ground but at least it doesn't hurt him.
bibi's and perdy's back ends are no so great tho..not sure what new trick we can pull out of the hat for those two. the thing with them tho is...they are weak and unbalanced but they are not in pain...still... it is hard to watch them struggle to their feet or fall over when their back ends crap out.

i think we have had enough rain to try to switch back to the well when the water tanks are is a bit stressful cuz if i am wrong, we will end up with no water until i can order a delivery and that will totally suck....and the rain is still really messing up the barn yards and the 2 new undercover areas. lyle is coming out tomorrow to have a look and see what he can do to clean us up before the weather gets even worse.

apparently when it rains, it pours...rescue is feast or famine, drought or flood...tomorrow which ever way i look at it...sleep or not..the wet weather is making saints rescue is wet, it is muddy...i want my sister in law to see saints at its best..the weather is not cooperating and i am not happy about this!

sigh...but the suite looks nice.



Your sister-in-law would not want you fretting so much over her visit and she would not want you losing sleep over it!! Bed is the answer!