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A Pheobe Fit

Jenn  ·  Sep. 17, 2010

I took this video on Saturday and this is ONE of the reasons Pheobe can be difficult to live with ... she gets very jealous when attention given to other dogs and even people. In this little video, Pheobe is upset that Maureen is giving Merry (and Casper, Jesse, and then Joey) attention. She handles this by barking and prancing around followed by jumping up to kiss her face. Ok that part was sweet. So we love to hate Pheobe. She has been at SAINTS rescue for 6 years and has improved immensely in part due to medication and a more or less stable environment and people.

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Please remember to get everyone you know to vote daily for SAINTS in the pepsi challenge (use your computer for good) so that we can continue to pay for pheobe's medication :)



Yes that video shows some of Pheobe's appeal.
She is still the cutest dog around. I wouldn't own six Phoebe shirts if she wasn't.


My God Phoebe is cute when she is demanding! She was desperately barking "look at me!" "look at me!" "look at me!"


Sheryl good eye that IS Bibi's 4 seconds of FAME! Yeah his is such a cutey.


Nothing to do with this blog. Erin can you call me at (604)826-0680 so we can arrange getting the folding tables over to my place for next weekend. There are 2 big and 4 smaller ones in the shop. Thanks.


Whoops. Sorry, when I changed the time, it came up as two separate comments.


Is that Bibi walking through the video with the blue bandana? (seconds 26 - 30). He is soooo cute!


Is that Bibi walking through the video with the blue bandana? (seconds 26 - 28). He is soooo cute!