Animal Updates

ok...i weanied out and slept...

Carol  ·  Sep. 17, 2010

BUT..i did bleach down the accessible window sills (meaning the ones i could reach) AND i did de-cobweb that freaking room which was bugging me too.)

big sigh...i woke up about 20 minutes seems all of my well intentioned super cleaning plans are toast.

max IS better! yayayayay!!!!
he is still a bit hesitant and toddering...he is still chin sweeping the floor...BUT he is moving and he is moving without screaming.... a few more days of meds and he should be as good as old...which while still broken is comfortably functional.
he needs a neck transplant...i wish i could give him phoebe's.

You can tell I am getting better by my chiny chin chin!

ok...sammy is the most adorably evil and haggish dog in the world...she has even outstripped the little landshark in pure hellish appeal.

she picks her spot right under my chin, and snarls at anyone who moves...if they make even one move towards her, she lunges out and grabs their leg in her mouth and starts trying to gnaw it off.
she not only weighs 5 pounds, and she has NO teeth...but the funniest part is she does not like the feel of someones furry leg actually in her mouth so then she flips her tongue thru the air like some kind of snake to try to get it to fit back in her mouth more comfortably...hacking and coughing all of the while (her heart is toast from the long term and untreated dental disease...the hysterically enraged act of gumming someone to death overexerts her and starts the coughing crap.)

when she finishes the coughing spasm and gets her tongue back into her mouth and ensures her space borders are again undisturbed, she hops back up to my chin...rolls around in happy powerfulness and gets a belly rub....2 minutes later, someone tries to sneak up for a belly rub too...and sammy and her tongue are once again attached to a leg.
too funny...this dog is crazy!
sammy thinks life is good.

and it is her fault i weanied out last night...i fell asleep while amusing myself by letting her guard our spot for a few minutes too long.

I think SLEEP is good!



Carol you may find the steam cleaner I donated to Saints would be perfect to clean window sills, etc.