Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 18, 2010

i can't tell you the total for tonights fundraiser, cuz i don't know yet...but i do know there were 120 amazingly kind and generous people there and we are all very grateful to every single one of them!

and once again thank you to jesus, god and mother mary and whoever saints guardian angel is when i am off to fundraising events.

i locked all of the computer room animals into the house and closed off the doggy door before i left at 5 pm. i did not want to make pixie stay locked in a cage the whole time i was out tonight so i thought she would be safe.

but when i got back into the house sometime after 11 pm...some self actualizing idiot had forced the entire door open and it was still open, giving full access to the outside cat run which pixie has already figured out how to escape from.

i checked the room and didn't see her and then checked out in the cat run and still no pixie...i started with the please god, please god, please god mantra under my breath and went out in the dark to check the yard.
no pixie anywhere, shit... she got out. i should have put her safely in her cage, i should not have felt sorry for her...she could have been gone for a few minutes or she could have been gone for several hours...but it was dark and rainy and i couldn't find her..please god, please god, please god.

ok..check the house one more time before i start crying and combing the bush and streets..please god, please god, please god.....
and i found her..tucked into a corner inside the computer room, safe and sound asleep.

thank you god....i don't really care anymore how much money we made...little madam butterfly is safe.

tomorrow when my heart rate slows down again i will share some of the highlites of tonight.