Shelley Moore's Pictures choked me up ...

Jenn  ·  Sep. 19, 2010

Shelley emailed me these pictures today and I got very emotional looking at them--these are kind of pictures I aspire to take--candid and magical. She REALLY captured the evening: the moments, the beauty, the tears, the humor ... all of it. Ok that sounds sappy. But it is true great photographers can capture special moments in time. And aspiring photogs may resort to staging/creating a moment to capture. I do neither. Especially now that my camera it kaput (is that the right spelling? gawd I'm a shitty speller. Perhap I should work on THAT rather than my picture taking abilities). I went to the camera people today--actually 2 camera people. I have only had my camera for about 15 months and because the warranty is up it would cost me a min $150 and 6-weeks to fix it. I don't think I will do that. I am looking at buying a new camera and while they are quite expensive I think of the joy I get out of using it and it is well worth it. The one photo place I went to even offers some beginner work shops on SLR cameras in October so I may attend those and try to improve on my photog skills. In the meantime, Helga has generously offered me her camera to use so that I do not go through photog withdrawal, which I kinda was today.

Anyways, without further ado (aka me whinning about my camera) ... what we have all been waiting for:

a packed room full of saints supporters --magic to my eyes


bidding on all of the wonderful items generously donated by people and businesses


This dancing moose donated by Pat and Ernie--people loved it!


Me hand talking with Meghann (one of the SAINTS board of directors). I am a big hand-talker :)

Carol and her 2 and half month old grand-daughter Annabelle

Annette Durante and David Kincaid our amazing hosts for the evening


Maureen's Keynote address was honest and heartfelt

Carol's speech (watch it here:


Annette talks about her friend getting a cow lick from Percy

People laughed and cried


David MC extraordinaire

Sheila (chair for the event) looked ravishing in her black cocktail dress and red heels --although she confessed today that her feet hate her for it.

Leila writes: Okay, we finally got the totals figured out. Last nights event netted $22,100 give or take a couple of dollars. The absolutely wonderful, amazing thing about this event was that over 45% of the money raised was raised through the table sponsors and the ribbon sponsors which means people were really there to support the SAINTS animals. Thank you so much to the 115 people who showed up to support Carol, her volunteers, staff and most importantly the animals we all love so much.

and thank you also to the over 50 invividuals and businesses that sponsored the animals at the tables.

**Please see the post below re: the shelter challenge--its back on so please remember to vote daily for both the pepsi challenge and the shelter challenge--you guys are pros so you know what to do!**



Jenn, Nikon Canada will only honour Canadian Nikon purchases with its warranties. If you buy a Nikon in the States, you have to send it there if you need anything covered under warranty, which is a pain. That's what Roff means by better customer service from Canon, and I agree.

You are an excellent photographer, and you deserve a new camera. You ran your Canon Rebel into the ground, which is what you are supposed to do. Damn camera is meant to be used! You got a LOT of great shots out of it, which people have loved on this blog. They mean so much to supporters who can't get out to SAINTS as much as they'd like, and for some who have never visited at all. They are a great compliment to your mother's scribbles about the inmates.

Go with good glass, that's my motto. That new Canon 50mm 1.4 for creative portraits of the critters would make you a very, very happy photographer.


OH my now I like THIS package but its only offered in the US:|84|83&N=4045254 4294967213&Mo=11&No=1&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&topnav=

and i looked at the canadian costco cannon offer again and it is only 2 lenses (not 3)


lol...where do you get your stubborn-ness from..the mule(i mean ..the leaf) falls not far from the tree!

Jenn Hine

The people have spoken! I think I will stick with Canon-like I said I am comfy with it and it served me well for the short time we were together.

It would be nice if I could also have an extra battery ect. But the battery is different in this newer model and so is the memory card :( and unfortunately I do not have an AM express credit card.

OH well. I guess that is how the rich yet richer. Or on a less cynical note how they create jobs for everyone.

Angela my picture taking almost always gets me out of cleaning duty at SAINTS--while still making me feel not totally useless. If anything perhaps I should be donating my camera to SAINTS.

Thanks for the advice and pointers everyone I like to think through my purchases before I make them.


Check with Costco but if you use a certain credit card to buy your electronics, they will extend the manufacturer's warrantee by 1 additional year. It may be American Express??

Angela H.

Jenn, I am with you on the no present Christmas this year! Although, I do think you should accept your mom's gift offer. You are the official photographer of SAINTS and everyone loves to look at your photos. Think of it more of a gift for SAINTS rather than you if it helps.


Jenn, I think you are a much better photographer than you know! Your eye for candid moments is truly inspired, as those of us who look at your work here can attest. Please don't be so hard on yourself ... you have photo talent and it takes time to emerge fully.

I lean towards Canon myself, but Nikon makes fine cameras. Over the years, I have found Canon support to be superior to Nikon's. But both are good.

I'm looking forward to the next results.

Jenn Hine

I have already refused to accept your so-called $500 owing to me. So get that silly thought out of your head. I will also be advocating for another "no-present" christmas again this year just to forewarn you :) I hope you and my siblings are more receptive to teh idea this year especially in light of new cars, cameras, home and babies.


Whaaaaaa I want a really nice canmera too !!!

Shelleys pics are great, when I get the pic that my brother took ( on a CD ) I will pass them on to Jenn.. hopefully more good ones & we can add them to our photo album.

It was a great night with soo many great people !!!!


Our family goes with Canon. It's unfortunate that yours didn't last long - my husband has had his for years.


i don't care which one you buy..but..i still personally owe you for 2 birthdays and your university grad ...which lucky for you adds up to $500... add that into your figuring out which camera you need.
(i am a tardy in the gift department kind of mom to jenn folks..i tell her to remind me and she doesn't.)

Colleen B

Jenn...I have a Nikon DSLR which I looooove, but you really can't go wrong with a Canon. Is the standard lens identical to the one you have? If not, you should be able to use the old one on your new cam if you choose Canon again. Plus all your cords, battery chargers, etc...not a big deal but it might sway your decision if it's a toss up.


Hi , Carol im feeling under the weather and won't be able to make it in today monday sep 20. Im expecting to be there tomoro.


Oh you absolutely have to get the camera with the big zoom lens. Absolutely perfect for capture up close shoots from far away. Oh, I need to get one of those baby lenses for my camera so I don't need the flash inside. That price is very good because I think I just paid that price for the camera with the regular lens, no extra lenses and no camera bag.


Ok i was trying to decide between a nikkon and getting a cannon again both very comparable at the entry level SLR digitals. But Nikkon has a 2 year warranty whereas Cannon only has a one year warranty.

My cannon is like my fav jeans I am very comfortable with it BUT I am peeved that my expensive camera only lasted 15 months and is so expensive and inconvient to fix.

BUT I saw this on the costco website and I want it. Its the newer model of my camera and comes with 3 lenses: (1) standard-multi purpose (what I already have), (2) a baby lense which will let in more light and allow me to take pics inside better without a flash (the animals despise the flash) and (3) a telescopic lense so that I can zoom in a get portrait shots from far away of animals like gideon, carl and the sheep whom hate me and my camera! Ok Gideon just hates my camera. What so you think? To Cannon or not to Cannon that is the question:|79|4708&N=4009869&Mo=3&No=2&Nr=P_CatalogName:BCCA&cat=22545&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-CA&Sp=C&topnav=