Rescue Journal

another busy day...

Carol  ·  Sep. 20, 2010

i am getting psycho about plotting a successfully, totally useless, day off.
we were down one staff person again but that didn't really affect me cuz i just made everyone else work harder. i ran some errands, paid some bills, picked up some supplies and opened and closed gates for the bobcat to move around without help from percy the sandels and during a freaking monsoon..that was fun....not.

little mr. is again gracing our halls. you may recall him..the old, blind, deaf, seizuring, little pekinese permanent foster dog who periodically stays with us when his mom is sick. he makes hanging out with the mongolian monster on a bad day look like a day in the park with prince charming...not even i ever touch this dog. he has finally come out of his crate but only cuz i threatened to dump him out on his ass.
we took him on as a foster because he was adopted out by another rescue as a totally messed up puppy mill survivor...his new mom really likes him (i am having difficulty understanding why cuz apparently she cannot touch him either) but cannot afford his medical care which besides being fairly frequent and about as difficult as it is possible to provide cuz the little guy is such a mean little dipstick.

the bottom line is...there is so absolutely nothing to like about this dog...that i have developed a fairly strong emotional attachment to just gotta love the complete and total underdog..and little mr. is as underdog as any dog could possibly get.

hopefully his mom gets well soon and can come home again....and we will look after the little bugger the best that we can until then. bath...maybe a load of personal laundry...pixie pop is out of her cage for the evening and laying on the bed at my feet...and oh shit..i forgot to get back to the chi people...i better do that tonight too.
which reminds me..i had an email today about a 5 yr old peeing cat and a 7 yr old leaking chi...both are losing their homes..does anyone know anybody who can deal with animals who inappropriately pee cuz we have more than enough pee of our own around here.



well begrudingly, have a good weekend ann will see you next weekend. ys carol evelyn really does love little mr or as she says little hunk a lot thank god there are people like her to take critters like him i dont know if everyone remembers she had ben another wacko dog from saints who also loved to come to my house for sleepovers. and walks. hope she gets out soon.

Ann C

Just want to remind Lynne & Erin that I am gone this weekend so they will be short another house volunteer.
Lynne, I think Monica is coming again on Sunday. Have fun without me, see you Oct 2nd.