Rescue Journal

just so ya know...

Carol  ·  Sep. 20, 2010

sheila is depositing $15,000 in our account today (the rest is coming, paypal, credit cards..etc..) and i already gave a cheque to hillndale for $10,000 and one to eastridge for $5,000 and agwest will get their $5000 cheque, hopefully later this week when everything is in the bank. we made $20,000..i said it all goes to vet bills and it all is going exactly where i said it would be.

helga has the garage sale next week and i think laura is having the bake sale again sometime soon, the guardian angels are still doing their ton of things and xmas is coming and so many nice folks help us out then so i think we are going to be fine for the rest of the might be a struggle but it should work out.....and hope continues to float...yay!!!