Animal Updates

poor little fat boy.

Carol  ·  Sep. 22, 2010

joey had his feelings hurt..he was playing tough guy with al and al squished his little hoodlum heart flat against the floor. joey is an interesting dog...sweet, kind, compassionate and he can be a thoughtless bully when his imaginary bad boy persona gets rev'ing into high speed.

al just wasn't in the mood to take any of joey's wanna-be bullshit.

I am not taking any of your wanna-be bullshit joey

joey came whimpering back to the bed buddies, properly chastised and subdued..gone was the swagger of powerful joey the mobster and in his place was the poor little fat boy, knocked down a peg or two.

wimper, wimper

he is so freaking cute when his feelings are hurt.

lucky is coughing again and she is still on her baytril...this worries me a bit. but..she is happy, she is active (for her) and there is not much we can do but watch her and see how she feels each day.

mandy is doing ok with max's loss...i don't think she is unduly least a couple of times a day i see her rolling around on a bed looking pretty darn happy and free. i wonder...was max's disabilities and periodic pain...a burden for her to carry? was nuturing and caring for him a weight she felt some days?
why not? she loved him...she cared for him the whole of his very long life and he had a hard time with aging in the past few years...why couldn't she have felt a bit trapped by the responsibility of loving him..humans feel it..why can't a dog?


now there is a new thought for me..i hadn't ever thought about the possible burdens of relationships animals might sometimes feel....i don't know why i never thought of it before.
i think i should ponder this some more.



Hi there, just wanted to say I love reading your blog & always get a kick out of your stories! (Funny, sad, iteresting, thought provoking - a good mix)..And the photos are great too~ (The way you describe little Joey reminds me of my dog). Anyhow, keep up the great work, so much compassion & dedication for these animals, it is truly amazing and admirable.