Rescue Journal

and speaking of chilliwack animal control....

Carol  ·  Sep. 23, 2010

they have little mister's twin pekinese sister for adoption....apparently she is also old, blind and wrecked with attitude..but she does like people ok (not a great fan of other dogs tho) and is a bit of a prima donna when she wants something. trina has asked me to post her on here with the link to her petfinder page and get her some more exposure because she is currently taking up long term space in a foster home that trina needs to move other old little wrecked dogs can folks please pass her info and link along (when it shows up on here) and maybe she will find a good home sooner than later.

i have asked nicole to create a page on our animal pages for senior animals still in shelters and animal controls that need help in finding a home. that way maybe they don't have to come here cuz we still are short on room and maybe they will find something even better than here which i think would be great!

i think tigger woods came in at least 3 maybe 4 years ago...he was 16 when he arrived...holy shit that cat is starting to get old. what brings him to mind is the new game he plays....."i will break into carol's animal free bathroom many times every day!"
at first i let him win, it seemed important to him.....but not any more cuz once he is in there he is spraying his signature all over the place and that is pissing me off. i will have one very tiny space of my very own that is free from cat prints and hairballs.

so several times every day tigger ambushes the door and flies inside as fast as he can (you would never know he is pushing 20!) and i grab him just as quick and toss him right back out the door.

he says i am being mean and selfish because now he wants the bathroom for his quality of life, the laundry area is not good enough anymore...and i say tough shit little old buddy...the rule around here now is...if you use it and abuse it, you will then lose it...forever.... cuz i am freaking tired of cleaning up/fixing up the very few and far between nice little spaces we have (ie...2 now including the hideaway suite)..... over and over again.

tigger woods is banned for the rest of his lifetime from my little bathroom (and he will NEVER see the inside of the little funky hideaway suite either..that is frodo's special domain and he treats it well)....i may be mean but my bathroom is now clean once again.

and that reminds me of something else...frodo no longer requires his own personal 5th wheel we are thinking of selling it..we could use the money for more vet if anyone knows anyone who would like a small and very old but in GREAT and CLEAN shape little 5th wheel trailer...frodo is selling his (cuz he has a bigger and nicer place to live now) and he will be donating the cash back for the greater medical good of those who do not have their very own hideaway suite in the shop.

he is a good hearted and generous long as he gets what he wants!



hi erika..jenn posted pics on the blog on june 21 under the title 'virtual tour"....i would like to get $2000 for it (which is what we paid for it a year ago and it was a great deal)..i looked at a lot of trailers out there and the ones in this price range were dirty and not in very nice to is 20 years or more. i can't exactly remember where i out the papers for it which when i find them will say its exact age...but it is in clean and dry and in nice shape.


Hi Carol
Could you email me a photo of the trailer? Or if you don't have one, a ball park age and price?