Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2010

i got off work early today to take her into the vet for euth. i was having a hard time with this because miranda is perky and lively and eating and drinking short, except for her weak back end..she is her normal little into everything self.

the trip to the vet was a great adventure for her...she hopped into the carrier, she hopped right out again...she wandered around purring away and checking everything out. she climbed up on my shoulder and tried to give me her usual vampire love bites...nothing about miranda says she is ready to die.

but...she keeps freaking falling from high places cuz she won't keep her gawd darn feet on the floor.

anyway..we did not euth. her..instead we gave her a steriod injection...we hope it will reduce the pressure/inflamation on her spine so she can get around safer and better.
the vet checked her out...she is not painful, her heart and lungs are good..there is no reason to euth her (except to keep her from hurting herself from falling from high in the air.)

that bloody cat is way too alive to be dead so hopefully the steriods will work..hope floats for our falling girl...(and there is a huge risk in giving steriods to feLV affected cats..they already have a crappy immune system and the steriods just crap it out more)..but....there was little other choice..take the risk and hope it helps or end her life...i voted for hope today...i hope that was right.

love ya miranda, you freaking crazy cat.



When I read the first line my heart plummeted but as Carol always says 'hope floats'. Yay, Miranda! See you on Sunday little vampire.