Animal Updates

there are a lot of emails coming in about animals losing their homes...

Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2010

the prime time of unloading pets...

may/june...folks are planning their summer vacations and pet boarding costs eats into the holiday budget.

early are back to school...families feel time stressed with soccor, ballet, hockey and haven't really gotten back into the "groove" of juggling everyone's needs....something has to give and little fluffy is the easiest thing to get rid of...soccor practice is never on that get rid of list!

halloween/thunderstorms....fireworks/thunder sends panicked outside animals running straight into pounds and shelters never to be claimed, and most likely never to be adopted if they are old.

december...the old stinky, matted cat or dog just doesn't match the cheery xmas motif.

feb/march...stressed out commuting in the dark snowbirds are heading to mexico for a bit of relaxation in sun and the family pet suddenly needs a new home.

plus...the end of each and every month when folks suddenly decide they have to move and the pets can't come along.

you can take almost every excuse and boil it down to...sorry we just can't be bothered.

i have a hard time grasping why the cat who has not used the litter box in 5 or 8 or 10 years...suddenly has to go NOW.

i have a difficult time understanding why a new baby means the dog has to go...when baby 2 or 3 shows up the previous babes all still have a home.

i don't really get why 2 weeks on a beach should cost an animal a about one week on the beach and the animal boarded somewhere nice so everyone can keep their home?

and sorry...but if you won't leave your kids behind when suddenly you are looking for a new place...why would you even consider leaving the family pet just doesn't make any sense.

i am back into the heartbreaking swing of no, sorry no, we can't help you....we are well on the road to less crazy, less back breaking, less bankrupting around here and i am trying hard to stick to our goal.

and as always it is with full knowledge of what may happen to those victims of human selfish choices currently losing their homes.





My dog is a member of my family-she may not get a real vote, but I would never even consider a living situation that couldn't include her. People who choose a new home that doesn't fit their family perplex and infuriate me. And for those who go on vacation and can't "afford" a kennel, why are they going on vacation? Why not find a pet-friendly vacation spot? Or, find a responsible friend, family member, neighbor, etc. to care for the animal while they're away?


hi carol...i checked all of the inbox emails, the junk emails and i see nothing there from you..maybe try contacting us again cuz i can't seem to find any messages from you anywhere.


My favorite is all the emails asking us to take their animals as *they can't give it the time it deserves anymore*.

Does it make sense to ask a rescue who has 100's of animals to take in your animal and *expect that they would be able to provide it more attention and love than you can*, who has ONE pet to care for?

Get real, we all work full time, have vet appointments during every spare moment, have families, elderly parents, our own pets and numerous rescue animals to care & fundraise for - and you think that we can provide more for your 8 month old rabbit because you are concerned that you can no longer provide it the time it deserves?

The time it deserves = I am too busy with myself and am NO LONGER INTERESTED in this animal = please take it away so I don't feel so bad about not wanting it.

Sorry, but we don't live in a eutopia where each of our animals have acres & acres of space with personal one-on-one attendants to care for their every whim and are able to provide what you can't.

Give me a break :-(


I cannot imagine my life without my dog. I would rather be homeless and with her than give her up. It breaks my heart that other animals are considered disposable.

Heidi Turner

So true. I've never understood how people could get rid of their pets just because they're an inconvenience. My animals are my responsibility, for life, and everyone should treat their animals as such.

Cathy Munroe

Breaks my heart. What a sad society we live in. I've had dogs, cats, guinea pigs and hamsters and they were all equally loved and wanted in my home. I would never ever consider my beloved pets desposible. Shame on these cold-heart people.


I am also quite disturbed at how disposable pets for a lot of people. Then again there is a lot of stuff we humans do that perplex me ... on the flip side--there is YOU (an anomilie), giving up everything... even the luxury of having an unbroken heart ever again.

Jane Stanley

Sad sad commentary...and so beautifully put. I hope you don't mind if I share on my FB.


and the worst part is that the people who most need to read this and hear this won't...and wouldn't get it anyway... but thank you for saying it so clearly and forcefully!