Rescue Journal

it is one of those mornings...

Carol  ·  Sep. 25, 2010

someone is peeing or pooping every 10 seconds...i have had them all out...i have cleaned up each room 2-3 times..i have used a full roll of paper towels and they still are not done.
i do the clean up, let them out, in, out, in, out, in and clean up some more in between...i make a cup of tea and i let them in, out, in, out, in and mop the same floor for the third time this morning...i am pretty much ready to scream.

stop!...just stop it right now all of you and go back to sleep!

it sucks to start my morning like this.

jenn spent the night last night so she can head over to the garage sale at helga's by 8...we met in town and shared a pizza and brought the left overs home. little mister quite likes pizza...getting his phenobarb/and pain meds down him was easy!
on her way out here she called me on her cell....there was a cow loose on lougheed was getting dark and both the cow or a human could be hurt with a large cow loose on a busy road. i phoned the SPCA message machine to get the emergency number and lo and behold do you know that the animal emergency number for our area is now 911????

being a nurse i felt a bit odd calling 911 for a cow on the road...but the dispatcher was nice, said they already knew and were looking for someone to get the cow off the road. it was a big hereford who someone is growing for meat..he might prefer to die as the victim of a car accident while actually being free instead of the slaughterhouse...but..that road is dark and scary at night..and any driver suddenly hitting 1500 pounds of solid meat might not survive the impact either so i hope they found someone to move him back to safety again.

i wonder how that rescue went?

this morning i personally like cows better than dogs cuz cows don't mess up my house..over and over again.

i have never known a hereford personally...does anyone know? are they as sweet and kind and full of character and personality as the jersey's and holsteins?

well...thank god everyone is sleeping again...but... now i have to go wake up jenn which i am sure will get them all moving in not so pleasant ways all over again.

mo is going to give light duty in the barn today a good shot but her knee is still not very good so i better get the feed run and feeding/turn out done so i can help her with the heavier stuff...she is stopping at the garage sale on the way up to raid some of the baked goods!
yay mo!



I am really sorry but I won't be able to make it this Sunday to help Lynn in the house. As neither Brenda or Anne are there either, I'm hoping that other volunteers might be able to help out especially as it sounds like there is a great deal of peeing and pooing going on. Thank you!! Monika