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fate owes me a purse..a day in rescue part 1

Carol  ·  Sep. 27, 2010

bitsy passed peacefully in her sleep..... in her bed, in the bathroom, just before 2pm. she had the ending that she wanted and i am ok with it.

rest in peace bitsy, you had a ton of personality in that tiny little body.


video of Bitsy's favorite thing--drinking water from the sink
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the other saints stuff today....

ellie at bedtime last night, locked us both out of her stall. we had left her door open so she could get up whenever she wanted. when she did get up she pushed her door closed, when she wanted back in...she pushed harder on it.
ellie can put 800 pounds of leverage behind her nose...she shoved that door so hard that she pushed it right past two bolts at the bottom and there was no way i could pull it open again.

i pulled and i banged and i could not get it past the bolts to get it open. she stood there quite patient for her and wuffled encouragement for me to keep trying. i finally got the step stool..climbed over her stall wall with a sledge hammer and beat the living shit out of the bottom of the door to force it open again.

ellie was quite happy in my success cuz she was ready for dinner and bed.

i have been on a fly freakout for the past two days..i hung $30 worth of fly sticky things all over the mp building. sadly this morning, lilith was wearing one. i know how much waxing can hurt but i was brutal and just ripped it back off. reggie is a little bit more stupid with fly strips then lilith is...he decided to eat one..i got most of it out and off of him..i have no idea what will happen to the rest of it still inside him.

i spent the day scrubbing fly shit off of windows and walls and floors and shelves...i hate those little bastards and for all of my hard work today, i know damn well i will be doing it all over again pretty soon.

i took bitsy's body down to the vets for cremation after she passed...i also took a few others who were still in the freezer...sidney, butter, quiet and the 2 classy chick hens. i was supposed to meet tammy for lunch when i was done, but on the way home i decided i just wasn't in the mood for lunch so i called her and left a message that i was passing for today.

tammy did not get the message so she came up here to get me..she said i didn't have to go but she had just given blood so i knew she needed to have some lunch right away. i bit the bullet and said..ok, lets go so we got in the car and off we went to grab a quick lunch.

we barely got a mile from home when i spied a stupid squirrel in the middle of the road..heeding my own advice to watch for squirrels, i stopped to let him cross the road. except he didn't cross..he just sat there. i pulled up next to him and he gave a little hop and darted under the car but i couldn't see him come out again so i made tammy get out and look. by this time there is a school bus behind us and a few other cars.....tammy waves them by and gets down to look under my car.

and there he is sitting right in the middle under there...tammy says " forward slowly..." which i obligingly did...and that little squirrel starts moving forward along with me. tammy starts laughing and says..."hey, he is chasing the car, he wants a ride!"
i pulled forward enough to pull to the side of the road and she picks up the little bugger who obviously is sort of stunned.

i don't have anything in the car to put him in so i dump out my new purse and we put him in it. we take him back to saints and set him up in a cage...he has a little snack of russell rabbit (cuz everybody freaking loves EXPENSIVE russell rabbit!) and we continued on our out for lunch way.

when we got to the ABC tammy said she had to go and wash her hands cuz she had squirrel on them...i hadn't touched him so my hands were clean but the little bastard had peed in my purse.
when we got home, rocky was all curled up and having a nice little sleep..i have decided that not only is this a very young squirrel but maybe even a little girl squirrel cuz she is so trusting and absolutely sweet.

anyway...we will give her a day or two of safety, good food and rest while she (or he) unscrambles her head and then we will let her go again.

tammy and i decided that fate intervened for rocky today..i was too burnt out with death (and flies) for lunch but rocky needed us to find her so fate said "sorry carol...get off your ass and go out for lunch, there is someone waiting for you along the way that needs a bit of help."

i am ok with all of this (except for maybe pulling sticky fly paper out of reggie's throat)..rescue pretty much always finds some way to challenge me in unexpected strips apparently will catch some flies...and also cats and dogs, giant pigs can somehow make me climb over 4 foot stall walls with sledge hammers, a little tiny bitsy beloved homeless cat can die the way that she wants... after a very long life..... and a little squirrel was saved today who is just new and a little inexperienced in navigating the dangerous roads of is kind of a nice story in a convoluted way.... but i still think someone owes me a god damn new purse here cuz fates favorite little newby stunned squirrel...... pissed in mine while all i was trying to do for the past couple of days was mind my own business and concentrate on dealing with a bunch of unwelcome flies.