Rescue Journal

i had an appointment for bitsy for 2:15 this afternoon

Carol  ·  Sep. 27, 2010

but i just cancelled it. she is almost gone and she is comfortable and sleeping... there is no need to disturb her at the very last few minutes of her life. it is ok...bitsy can die here at home, she is managing well.


Carol Specht

I'm crying for your pain. I had to put my old dog to sleep on Sept 11. I held him close to the end and he knew I loved him.


I have never had a pet pass peacefully at home & right now my oldest cat ( 20 ) has given me a couple sleepless evenings.... I am so afraid of her being in pain or frightened and I am equally afraid to think I will wake up with a deceased kitty curled up in her bed that now sits right beside my head. Smoo has been and still is one of the sweetest cats I have ever known and I hope I can ensure that when it is her time I will know what to do ( that is my daily affirmation these days )