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fog out....

Carol  ·  Sep. 30, 2010

i just got up about an hour ago..i like to sleep in a bit for afternoon shifts because i won't get to sleep again until after midnight tonight. the animals were cool with a bit more sleep so that was good.

i am suffering from foggy brain today...same concept as soggy foot...but instead of a foot being too long encased in non breathable head was too long under my pillow.

i let the dogs in and out and was pleased to see that perdy's back end was working this morning...i wasn't so pleased when i happen to spy pixie-cup trying to squeeze under the mp building....oh right, she was out of her cage last night. she is back in now and having a total fit at being confined..oh well..the good thing about foggy brain's not too hard to tune her out.

i totally forgot that i promised buffy's mom (foster dog.... used to be...shit..who did she used to be????? she was part of that 4 little wrecked dog CAC intake from last, tory and X and X??????...oh well it will eventually come to me.) anyway..i said after the gala event we would have some money and look at the surgery to remove at least one cataract so she could is about a 5 thousand dollar specialty surgery.
anyway, i was bright enough to tell her to call me to remind me which she did so i better start arranging the referrals and consults...not that we actually have all of that left after paying the current outstanding vets but we can probably squeeze it together if i really try.

i went to sleep worrying about the utility bills cuz i cannot remember when i paid them last...i had awful dreams about collection agents selling my debts to really mean people because i was such a slow and bad credit client..i better pay my mastercard..i KNOW i have not paid that in awhile.

i will take hints and reminders where ever they come from, even from inside my head while i sleep.

welllll..i better get dressed and dig out some needed paperwork (and bills) out of the office this morning...and then i better get perdy/phoebe all set up in their new spots before i go to work.

it occurs to me that i wish i had 3 heads instead of 3 could be the animal could be the on top of paper shuffler... and one could be the one who remembers all of the other 2 heads forgotten things.



I used to forget the bills etc too - now I pay them thru online banking and then its very easy to check once a month to see when they were paid.... but I'm not sure if this would give you a proper audit trail for the accountant... would save in late fees etc tho!!! one less thing to worry about in your busy life...

Carol Specht

Bless you Carol for all you do, and for how you care. You make me want to be a better person and DO MORE.