Rescue Journal

simple and thoughtful solutions can go a very long way.

Carol  ·  Oct. 1, 2010

we did the moves yesterday..perdy is in the entranceway and doing much better. we have been able to carpet the entire area for her which puts less stress on her spine/hips. she is no longer hesitant in having to navigate the 2 small steps she used to have to get outside...she has a total flat access in and out which helps her to feel safer. she likes her very thick and stuffy bed that renee put together for her. and she likes being the greeter when we are coming and going...more hugs and kisses and she likes that part of the move quite a bit too.

we moved pixie and little mister up in the laundry far so good. pixie has not tried to climb the fence wall which means she doesn't have to be cage confined at all. i still let her loose with everyone in the house when i got home from work last night..i just made sure the doggy dog was closed and locked so she could wander about and sleep in her favorite spot.

little mr seems happier too.....he is a hard dog to read because his deficits and disabilities are so great...but he seemed to have less periodic, random barking episodes then he normally does. the move was a good thing because we had to be brave and pick him up....and we discovered that little mr has changed since his last visit here...he now can be picked up and carried around. so part of our daily care for him will be holding him and handling him more...he still gets mad if you try to do get his harnass off...(which we finally did manage with scissors and care)...but i am glad we can hold him now because everyone needs to somehow feel the touch of kindness now and then.

i bought a movie last week on temple grandin and watched it last night....absolutely fascinating on so many levels. now i wished i had gone to see her when she was here. she is an autistic person with a Phd in some aspect of animal welfare/husbandry...specifically her focus has been improving and promoting the humane care, movement and slaughter of cattle in the meat industry....her premise is...humans don't have to be cruel and cows don't have to be afraid.

i highly recommend the movie to anyone interested in more compassionate meat farming and in understanding autism a little bit better.....and even more interested in circumventing seemingly insurmoutable barriers in following and achieving dreams. her ground breaking work has given us a template for the possiblities in changing/improving things.

i slept in til 8 felt mightly more afternoon shift and then the weekend off! mo's knee is still buggered up...i think it is says a lot for our society when we think that gwen (her saints foster dog) had BOTH of her knees surgically repaired within a very short time....but unbeknownest to mo yet...she will be waiting around and buggering around with the human medical system over her knee repair for the next 6-12 months or possibly more.

too bad mo, we just can't cough up the 1500 bucks and send you off to our would get much better (and quicker) care....and it would be significantly cheaper on the entire system then the road you are currently limping along on.