Animal Updates

and jenn says....

Carol  ·  Oct. 2, 2010

"ok so tonight, i want you to email me a list of...."

are ya freaking nutz??!!! i just put in a 12 hour day and i'm tired!

we have been running low on manpower here for the past 3 makes for a very long and brutal day.

but....while we were working....

queen daphne rode around in a chariot (wheelbarrow) stuffed with clean straw...that was pretty damn cute.

caspar rolled and rolled around in hermans soft bed and that was pretty damn cute too!

knock, knock. who is there? ....

gideon came looking for apple snacks every few minutes and esther spent the day in the barn snacking on poop. i watched mo sing "what the world needs now is love sweet love" (tunie's old song) to herman while feeding him apple slices and petting his head, neck and back...he has come so very far in the past year and a half.

apples ... come out, come out where ever you are ...

i watched edwina and floyd bath in their sparkling clean and fresh pool and i watched ziggy get the zoomies and run back and forth all over the place. sheila came to visit with patrick and i watched him run and have fun here too.

Zoom, zoom

all the barn guys, all of the barn dog buddies had a good barn day today.

erin and lynn took care of the house and part of the mp building..all i had to do was the medical room and the bunnies and that was kind of fun too. ray likes to bury himself under his fresh hay and the brown betty's like to zoom around and play as soon as their pen is nicely done...sidney and the little white bunnies are all about getting their bowls filled up with russell rabbit and leia and thumper were hoping i would also give them some!

jenn true to her word took helga and i out for a very nice (but sort of late lunch) (in her brand new spiffy automobile...she has retired her $150 volvo that she drove for the past year and a bit) and that was a good way to break up the day time chores from the bed time chores...and now all that is left to be done is the mp bedtime and diabetics and the getting that mountain of laundry done.

saints is really hard work..but it is really soul satisfying hard work...especially on a warm and sunny autumn day.

autum at SAINTS

but i still ain't emailing no freaking list to jenn tonight....instead, i am having a nice hot and relaxing bath.



hiss! boo! Whatever ... sending me "the list" is sort term pain for LONG TERM GAIN. I drove my volvo for a almost exactly 2 years and if I had a million dollars I would have bought a brand new volvo.